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More series topics for 2023 India

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physics wallah web series aar ya paar web series alakh pandey web series physics wallah web series cast how many sides do snowflakes have? how many sides do snowflakes have fall tamil web series war of the worlds series fall series tamil treason series physics wallah series fall web series physics wallah aar ya paar […]

which tv series has this quote winter is coming?

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Which tv series has this quote winter is coming? 1. House of Dragons 2.Rings of Power 3. Lord of the Rings 4. Game of Thrones   Make Your Own Poll AT Which tv series has this quote, winter is coming? Which tv series has this quote winter is coming,

Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood. Directed by Quentin Tarantino

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Thousands of movies talk about the past. Some dedicate themselves entirely to rebuilding it. They are rigorous and disciplined. Others, to evoke it. They are laid back and tend to drift. And some, the majority, inevitably do both: they present us with a reality filtered through the eyes of their director. As I see it, […]

Mission Impossible: Fallout. Directed by Christopher McQuarrie

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It took about three installments for Mission: Impossible to find the kind of movie it wanted to be. Something halfway between the European conception of action cinema developed by Brian De Palma in the first part and the waste of stylized violence by John Woo in the second. It was J.J. Abrams who found that […]

Aquaman: Directed by James Wan

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After the Justice League´s fiasco, the presumed great movie of the DC/Warner universe that has precipitated the fall of its two great icons, the studio has decided to bet, with little conviction, on the lifeboats that have remained afloat after sinking the ship that carried them. Each franchise that is still standing (Wonder Woman, Suicide […]

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Directed by David Yates

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We are approaching Christmas and magic is making its presence felt in theaters two years after the Harry Potter universe was revived with Fantastic Beasts. If that first installment served to present an elusive and shy protagonist, a new villain and a kind of “chosen one” who is looking for his place in the world, […]

The Equalizer 2: Directed by Antoine Fuqua

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In a Hollywood where it is hard to find movies that are no longer good, but, at least, with some personality for the current cast of top action movie stars (Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel…), it is surprising that they are actors with a lot of tradition and in advanced maturity those who get […]

The Nun: Directed by Corin Hardy

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The universe of the Warren File continues to expand with its second spin-off which, as in the two installments of Annabelle (especially the second), delves into the origin of one of the diabolical protagonists of the saga, the nun seen in The Enfield case. This new film places us in Romania in the 1950s, in […]

Glass: Directed by Manoj Nelliyattu Shyamalan

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The ups and downs experienced in Shyamalan’s career, in his relationship with critics and the public, had their last high point with Multiple, not so much because of the film itself, a great proposal but not at the top of his filmography, but because of the promise that generated, a sequel, demanded for almost two […]

Triple Frontier: Directed by Kathryn Bigelow

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Triple Frontier is the result of the union of two talents on relatively opposite sides: the tandem formed by Kathryn Bigelow (original director of the film and an essential part in its initial development) and Mark Boal (screenwriter) on the one hand, and its last director , J.C. Chandor, on the other. From the first […]

US: Directed by Jordan Peele

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Jordan Peele has not rested on his laurels. Two years after premiering “Get Out” in the United States, his great feature debut, he comes to our theaters with his second film, Nosotros. It delves deeper into the horror genre, of which Peele is a huge fan and proud supporter, but does so in a more […]

Facts about K.G.F Chapter 2

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Yash himself has written most of the dialogues for his role in this movie. Ujwal Kulkarni, who is the editor of the movie was just 17 years old when director Prashanth Neel approached him and offered the editing job for K.G.F: Chapter 2. He was approached after director Prashanth Neel came across his fan edits […]

K.G.F Chapter 2 (Hindi) – Full free

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2 h 45 min Vijendra Ingalgi, Son of Anand Ingalgi continues the story of KGF and Rocky in Chapter 2. Rocky survives the attack by Vanaram’s guards after killing Garuda. He is a hero and a saviour to the people of Narachi. While trying to fulfil his promise to his mother, he must face many […]

KGF Chapter 2 TEASER

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The blood-soaked land of Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) now has a new overlord. Rocky, whose name strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies. His allies look up to Rocky as their savior, the government sees him as a threat to law and order; enemies cry out for revenge and conspire for his downfall. “The […]

100% Telugu Free Movies and Series

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Go here to Watch the best movies and series in TELUGU Best movie in telugu 2022 1. Rrr 2. Hit 3. Baahubali: The Beginning 4. Bimbisara Make Your Own Poll AT Telugu cinema, popularly known as Tollywood, consisting mainly of Telugu language films. It is the second largest film production center in India. […]

The Dollmaker – Horror Short Movie

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This is the most popular Horror Short Movie in Alter Channel. 24 million views. It is call the “Dollmaker”. A grieving mother latches on to a magical surrogate for her lost child. But small miracles come with big consequences.  

Horror Short Movie “Other Side of the Box”

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This is halloween and it is time for everyone to get the best horror movies and shorts. This is an amazing short horror video for you to watch for free. BEN – Nick Tag RACHEL – Teagan Rose SHAWN – Josh Schell MAN IN THE BOX – Tyler Pochop DIRECTOR – Caleb J. Phillips WRITTEN […]

Irreversible – Full movie high quality 2002

MTW | | Free Movies Online This is one of the most brutal movies you will find. A night in Paris where everything goes wrong. Amazing movie, amazing editing and amazing cinematography.  

Dawn of the dead 2004 Full Movie High Quality

MTW | | Free Movies Online This is one of the best free movies for this Halloween 2022. Dawn of the Dead (titled Zombie in Spain, Dawn of the Dead in Argentina and Venezuela, and Dawn of the Living Dead in Mexico) is a 1978 horror film directed by George A. Romero. It is the continuation of the story narrated […]

The Exorcist – Free Full Movie Online

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This is the best Horror Movie of all time. Enjoy this free movie for this Halloween 2022 special at MyTrustWorth. The undisputed queen of horror movies. It doesn’t matter how many years pass; this marvel signed by William Friedkin remains as chilling as the first day thanks to its impeccable direction, a creepy sound […]

Young Gun Free Full Movie Online with Indonesian Subtitles

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The Equalizer Full Movie Online

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View Greenland 2020 free online

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This is a great movie REVIEW OF ‘GREENLAND: THE LAST REFUGE’ For those who wish the arrival of the meteorite in these uncertain times. STXfilms Director: Ric Roman Waugh Cast: Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin, Roger Dale Floyd, David Denman, Scott Glenn Original title: Greenlands Country: United States Year: 2020 Release date: 09-25-2020 Genre: Drama […]

View Top Gun Free Online

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Here you can watch Top Gun 1 (1986) full online. TOP GUN: CURIOSITIES OF THE SUCCESS OF 1986 We review some details of the great success of the eighties that catapulted Tom Cruise to fame. Released in 1986, the film was the launch to stardom of its protagonist, Tom Cruise. We have known the […]

Beyond the law – Free movie

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A former mobster who is now dedicated to the world of business and a police detective must face each other with a former corrupt police officer who seeks to bring to justice the murderer of his son. Cast: Steven Seagal, DMX

November Man – Free Full Movie – High Quality

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November Man Genre: Action Cast: Pierce Brosnan Action. Thriller Peter Devereaux, aka ‘The November Man’, is a veteran and dangerous former CIA agent, who enjoys a vacation and leads a quiet life in Switzerland. But suddenly, he is called upon for one last mission: to protect a key witness for the Agency.

Taken 2 – Free Full Movie High Quality

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Movie: Taken 2 Genre: Action Cast: Liam Neeson About: The first Taken was a surprising success both at the box office and in its impact on popular culture. Its trailer established the iconic lines of Liam Neeson threatening to kill his daughter’s captor, and the film revived the idea of ​​the 50-year-old action hero. Producer […]

In Time – Free Full movie tonight

MTW | | Free Movies Online Watch In Time – Free Movie Full. Genre: SciFi About: Set in a future society. The discovery of a formula against aging brings with it not only overpopulation, but also the transformation of time into currency that allows to pay for both luxuries and necessities. The rich may live forever, but others will have […]