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Determination to Mange Yourself and the Money

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Before the start of journey to be rich, honestly speaking it is difficult to manage oneself then to manage ones’ money issues. Determination to initiate good things and to refrain from doing certain bad things is essential requirement to be successful in life. And is harder task to do.   First thing first. How better […]

Money and Happiness – And their Relationship

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Perception that money itself is the source of happiness is commonly prevalent and it forthrightly wrong. Money is the resource to buy more resources. Money can buy you the items, the gadgets, the utilities, the services, and the status. Last one is controversial still.   There are many things that have the potential to make […]

10 Concepts of Money

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Money is a concept and a phenomenon and earning money is a process. Today I will be sharing with you the ‘10 realities or rules of money’. Whenever a poor minded person will gain money he will first fulfill his basic requirements of life and then with the remaining money either he will put them into Bank Account or will hide them somewhere or will waste them on buying illogical and senseless things or extravagantly utilize money on marriages, cars, etc. in order to show his elated status or improve his social status.

Set Money Earning your Goal

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In my previous article ‘The Money Series – Money for Everyone‘, I discussed about the need of money earning and the fundamental question which we usually ask ourselves regarding the amount of wealth, sources of wealth, significance of being more wealthy, etc. Today I will be emphasizing on Nature of Wealth specifically related to Wealth […]

The Money Series – Money for Everyone

paula mendez | | Blogs

Money is the commodity that everyone wants it badly enough and wants it more enough. The more it is, the lesser it feels. But do we all get what we are destined to, or we crave more and get less? Money is considered a solution to our every problem that might be faced by us […]