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Comment Policy of ‘My Trust Worth’

We love when you take the time to leave a question or comment and encourage you to do so. We attempt to respond to all comments and questions left on our blog. Please know that we respond to your comments at our discretion and as time permits. And we moderate each and every comment that is left on our blog.

We want people to interact with each other around content published on our site. We welcome discussion, advice, and questions from people all around the world. But we want our site to be a safe and informative place for visitors of all backgrounds and technology levels.

So please take a moment to read our blog comment policy below, and make sure you abide by these guidelines before you leave your comment:

      1. It’s perfectly okay to disagree with any topic posted, but please focus on a helpful and intelligent discussion of the topic. If you don’t agree with the author’s view, feel free to state why. If you find an error or a better solution, please leave that feedback. Trust us, we really do appreciate it!
      2. Respect other people’s views and beliefs. It’s okay if you feel strongly about a topic, but we will remove offensive or threatening comments.
      3. We will not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, or other forms of hate-speech, or content that could be interpreted as such.
      4. We will remove any posts that are obviously commercial or otherwise spam-like. Just don’t do it! We want individuals to express their views and will not tolerate commercial entities leaving spammy links or self-promotion.
      5. A link to a site in your comment is fine as long as it adds to the discussion and is not an attempt to drive website traffic to your site.
      6. Libelous or defamatory postings will be deleted, including anything that is copyright infringement.
      7. Anonymous comments are removed if a visitor does not identify himself/herself.
      8. Comments with “fake names” are removed. Similarly, if your name denotes a political or religious affiliation, your comment will be removed.
      9. Would you say it to your mother? If not, don’t press the Publish button!
      10. Keep it relevant. If you leave a comment that is irrelevant to the post topic, your comment will be deleted.
      11. Excessively long comments may be edited. Try to keep your comments short and to the point.
      12. We reserve the right to correct spelling errors. But we will never edit a post in such a way that it changes the meaning intended by the person leaving the comment.

Please contact us if you have any questions on our comment policy. And while we make every effort to provide you error-free content, you may want to review our legal disclaimer, too!

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