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Is Dear Child a real story (Netflix limited series)

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Dear Child is a novel and it is a work of fiction

The author of the novel is Romy Hausmann. Publish in 2020

A windowless shack in the woods. A dash to safety. But when a woman finally escapes her captor, the end of the story is only the beginning of her nightmare. She says her name is Lena. Lena, who disappeared without a trace 14 years prior. She fits the profile. She has the distinctive scar. But her family swears that she isn’t their Lena. The little girl who escaped the woods with her knows things she isn’t sharing, and Lena’s devastated father is trying to piece together details that don’t quite fit. Lena is desperate to begin again, but something tells her that her tormentor still wants to get back what belongs to him…and that she may not be able to truly escape until the whole truth about what happened in the woods finally emerges.

Deal Child Trailer

Episodes and sinopsis of Dear Child

Episode 1 of Season 1. 1. Hannah 46m After a woman is hit by a car and hospitalized, authorities try to make sense of puzzling information from the young girl who was with her. Watch Grandfather. Episode 2 of Season 1. 2. Grandfather 47m Gerd meets the mysterious patient. Hannah moves to a new home. Aida’s investigation of the accident site leads to a breakthrough. Watch The House. Episode 3 of Season 1. 3. The House 51m A search yields disturbing discoveries while Gerd begins to realize that the full truth of Lena Beck’s disappearance is darker than anyone imagined. Watch Rules. Episode 4 of Season 1. 4. Rules 50m Gruesome new evidence from the forest surrounding the military site changes the scope of the investigation. Jasmin fights to regain her independence. Watch Gifts. Episode 5 of Season 1. 5. Gifts 49m Jasmin realizes she’s not alone. Gerd follows a hunch about Hannah while Matthias forges ahead with a plan to bring her home. Aida pursues a lead. Watch For Lena. Episode 6 of Season 1. 6. For Lena 47m As the pieces of a grim puzzle finally click into place, Gerd and Aida race to prevent history from repeating itself. Hannah makes a special request.

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