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This is a great movie

For those who wish the arrival of the meteorite in these uncertain times.

Director: Ric Roman Waugh
Cast: Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin, Roger Dale Floyd, David Denman, Scott Glenn

Original title: Greenlands
Country: United States Year: 2020
Release date: 09-25-2020
Genre: Drama Color or B/W: Color
Screenplay: Mitchell LaFortune, Chris Sparling, Ric Roman Waugh
Photography: Dana Gonzales

Synopsis: A giant meteorite is going to annihilate life on Earth, but until that happens, humans will kill themselves to try to survive.

The best: his commitment to escape from the typical disaster tape and Scott Glenn.

Without knowing if Trump or any of his thunderous advisers read the script before expressing his interest in buying Greenland, the truth is that in this survival drama the inhospitable Danish territory becomes the only place to put what is left of Humanity, that is, the Americans, after the apocalypse.

But let no one believe that this is ‘Armageddon’, ‘Deep Impact’ –from which he takes the idea of ​​refuge with the best–, or the crazy ‘2012’ by Roland Emmerich, even though its protagonist is the stony Gerard Butler, here out of his natural habitat of normal guy with superhero skills, and directed by Ric Roman Waugh (‘Target Washington D.C.’). Because the surprise is capitalized: he discards hackneyed clichés and the ones he uses help the story; and more than the paraphernalia of effects, which do not appear until well into the plot, what prevails is the family drama and a more than credible portrait of the nature of the human being in the face of the possibility of the end of the world closer to ‘Melancholia’ of Lars Von Trier than to Mimi Leder’s nonsense. Almost nothing.


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