We are determined to fly with Eagles

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We are Determined to Fly with Eagles

Summer is the Season for Making the Most of Long Days

 Summer is marked by work. The days are long. The weather is usually conductive to working. Summer is for perspiring and for exerting maximum effort.

Are you aware that you can program your mind to make the most of time?

One of the most fascinating features of the mind is that you can set it to alert you to important moments. When you really want to –or need to-awaken in the morning by certain hour, you can set the alarm in your mind, and usually, you will awaken within ten minutes of the appointed time you designate. Most people have an intuitive sense of what time of day it is, even if they work indoors and do not have access to a clock. Many people have conditioned themselves over the months and years to do certain things at certain times-such as take pills, check on small children, and so forth.

You can also program yourself to become aware of your optimum time of day for maximum output. Listen to your body. Discover within yourself what works best for you. For many people, the early morning hours are times for maximum productivity. If that is the case for you, set aside that time of day for doing your most creative, mind-taxing work. Don’t clutter those hours with meetings, routine activity, or phone calls (unless, of course, those phone calls involve creative, thought-involving work).

For other people, the afternoon hours are a time when they really begin to come alive mentally. They drag through the morning hours, and finally a burst of energy seems to kick them into high gear. If that is the case for you, choose those hours as being exclusive for you to engage in your most important tasks.

This same ability of the mind to deal with time enables a person to filter out distractions. You can learn to set your mind to filter out noise and to ignore incidents that would otherwise interrupt you.

To get the most out of life, you need to learn how to put the most into your hours.

Shining is for making hay

 Farmers have a saying: “make hay while the sun shines”. The analogy is true for all walks of life. Summer is the time for working, not watching. It’s the time for doing, not dozing. It’s the time for making the most of your health, recourses, and energy, not the time for kitchen back or taking a break.

Here are some tips for making the most of your time:

  1. Seize the moment: Learn what to do in life’s “spare minutes”. Ask, what can’t do in just a five or ten minutes waiting time?
  • Work on a piece of handwork.
  • Bring your calendar up to date.
  • Write a note to a friend.
  • File your nails.
  • Make a list.
  • Outline a presentation or upcoming project.
  • Review your goal cards.
  • Call a colleague.
  • Read a brochure or magazine article.
  • Memorize a memorable quote, verse of Scripture, or short poem.

Dozen more ideas are not only possible but also plausible for things that can be started and completed in a ten-minute time span. Furthermore, life is filled with numerous ten-minute waiting periods. You probably encounter several during a day: waiting for planes (either to arrive or to take off) . . . waiting for an appointment (one you initiated or one someone requested of you) . . . waiting for your family (to get ready) . . . waiting for the server to bring the food you ordered . . . waiting for an open barber chair . . .

In addition, you have the normal coffee breaks within your work environment.

Use these times-scheduled and unscheduled-for accomplishing something other than drinking coffee. Run up and down a couple of flights of stairs. Order flowers for your spouse. Write a greeting card to a homebound person who is a part of your church or synagogue.

Time wasted is time lost. Time lost means opportunities and growth lost. Opportunities lost means less success down the road.

  1. Turn off the tube: listen to audiotape classes instead. Or take a walk with your child. Or help household chores so both you and your spouse can relax together.


There are more benefits from turning off television than refusing to fill your mind with mental junk food. When you turn off television, you must create something else to do. Overcome boredom is one of the greatest impetuses you can ever experience for your creativity. Your mind engages once again in the world around you. You become a participant, not an inspector. Try it tonight! After momentary pangs of withdrawal, you’ll probably like the feeling you have after spending an evening doing something other than sitting passively in front of a big box with moving colors and disruptive sound effects.

  1. Get up an hour earlier in the morning: You may need to inch up on that hour, getting up ten minutes earlier each week for six weeks. That extra hour, however, may well become your most productive or personally rewarding hour of the day. If you have small children, that hour can be your alone time-time to read, think, catch up on the news, have a good breakfast. Use that hour, to prepare yourself for the day checking your lists and agendas. Energize yourself spiritually with a few moments of meditation, prayer, or inspirational material.


  1. Enjoy the process, not just the result: finally… Do not fight the passing of time. Do not fear it, chase after it, squander it, or try to hid form it under a superficial cosmetic veil of fads and indulgences. Life and time go together. Do enjoy each phase of life.

Do not frantically run through your life as if it is a race to see who come first. Do learn to savor each period of life and to get the most of each rich encounter. Do not think of old age as a frightful plight. Do see it as something of a postseason garden you will be able to plant and form which you will be able to reap.

Do make the most of most of each day, and draw maximum joy from each moment.

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