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Upcoming Netflix Shows 2023

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You People – January 27

A film that deals with the culture clash between people of different faiths, in this case, a couple made up of a Jew and a Muslim. It is directed by Kenya Barris and stars Jonah Hill, who is also in charge of part of the film’s script, Eddie Murphy and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Watch Your Place or Mine – February 10

The couple formed by Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher star in this romantic comedy in which they give life to two friends with diametrically opposed personalities who decide to share their houses: one in NYC and the other in LA. Was this really what they both needed to be happy?

Luther Night Falls-March 10

It is a film inspired by the series ‘Luther’, starring Idris Elba. In it, Elba gives life to John Luther, a policeman with a very dark side, a personality that perhaps brings him closer to criminals than to the innocent he should defend. While the movie will be on Netflix, if you want to watch the series you will have to tune in to HBO Max.

Murder Mystery 2 – March 31

Another sequel, and another success guaranteed by the platform, since it has Adam Sandler as the protagonist. Together with Jennifer Aniston, the detective couple returns, but this time, they will face a dangerous kidnapping. If you like Sandler’s humor, you certainly won’t be disappointed. And if you can’t stand it, you better move on to the next movie on the list.

The mother-May 12

Jennifer López continues to bet on cinema as well as music: this time she is the protagonist of ‘The Mother’, along with Gael García Bernal and Joseph Fiennes. In the film, López plays a deadly assassin who must protect the life of her daughter, whom she gave up for adoption in the past. Together they must avoid a fatal destiny.

Extraction 2 June 2-16!

The bombshell of the year and the return of a saga that promises to break records on Netflix. Again we have Chris Hemsworth in the role of the mercenary Tyler Rake. If in the first part, Rake had to rescue the kidnapped son of a Thai mafia boss, in this case he must go in search of the family of a Georgian gangster.

Tyrone’s Clone – July 21

A sci-fi thriller starring John Boyega, Jamie Foxx and Teyonah Parris. In it, these three characters with very different personalities are involved in a terrible government conspiracy.

Heart of Stone – August 11

Gal Gadot, the current Wonder Woman, is a spy in this spy action film, and also the only woman who can prevent her powerful international peace organization from losing its most dangerous possession.

Lift-August 25

Kevin Hart, Paul Anderson, Vincent D’Onofrio and Billy Magnussen, among others, play an international gang of robbers whose latest assignment is to prevent a terrible terrorist attack. But to achieve this they will need to dock a plane in mid-flight.

Damsel – October 13

An epic fantasy film and dragons was already missing from Netflix’s 2023 release list. And, on top of that, starring Millie Bobby Brown and Robin Wright, the immortal ‘Princess Bride’. A young woman agrees to marry a prince, unaware that he intends to sacrifice her and thus pay off an old debt.

Pain Hustlers – October 27

Liza Drake, played by actress Emily Blunt, gets a job at a bankrupt pharmacy, but through her courage, she manages to build the company up. What they don’t know is that they are going to find themselves in a criminal plot. The cast is completed by Chris Evans, Andy García and Catherine O’Hara, among others.

The Killer – November 10

Another of the possible Netflix bombings for 2023, the new film by David Fincher (‘Seven’) and starring Michael Fassbender and Tilda Swinton. In it, a murderer decides to confront his superiors after a mistake, in a global persecution. It is an adaptation of the graphic novel by Alexis Nolent.


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