Truth – Absolute or Relative

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Truth – Absolute or Relative

Truth is Relative’, many unaware individuals categorize it like this.


A person grown and sitting in fog for life, might not be aware about the shining sun; neither he will contradict his own visionary experiences.


How can someone bring him to faith of the existence of shining sun?


Will he accept the New Truth?


Will he contradict his own ability to perceive the real truth?


I doubt it.


Not until he experiences the bright sun, rising and setting.


With new truth, his definition of reality changes, and he starts understanding that things can be better, new things can be shining, darkness can shed, only if he contradicts his previous definitions of truth and reality.


Freedom of voice existed forever; but now everyone speaks and yes, quite explicitly.


New definitions and yes, the self-created one are prevalent everywhere.


Definition of life, death, success, achievements, happiness, and yes God and messengers of God too.


But are all these definitions true?


Is Truth Relative?


So many definitions, but each is different. Contradictory definitions cannot be homogenous!


Whose definition is better one?


Answer is simple.


Reality defines what is true and what is untrue, what is right and what is wrong.


Right or Wrong is quite fascinating concept.


Many wrong doers are considering them right, and many righteous people are being considered as wrong due to new definitions created by ignorant or might be selfish people – called the society, if outnumbered; and yes, freedom of voice seems to be misused.


Blind Followers and Ignorant Democracy!


I love science for its’ simplicity.


Anything can be either ON or OFF, either it will be ONE or ZERO, or TRUE or FALSE.


There are no Relatives.


True is true, and False is false.


But humans are Complex, because they are Selfish.


Knowingly they might not accept the truth lying in front of them.




The Benefit Theory.


What is in it for me? Why should not I support the lie, the untrue, the OFF, or the ZERO, because I have some benefits in hand. I might lose certain privileges.


Benefits in terms of money, status, affiliation, publications, labeling, and yes the power too.


Humans are by nature selfish. Learnt it from kids.


How humans are going to accept truth when personal benefits are just in front of them?


And Yes, accepting Truth needs Courage.


Courage to say wrong, courage to say it is ENOUGH. Courage to choose the right one.


What about the Gray Zones?


Islam never supports the things which are ambiguous and not well-defined.




Nature (Allah) has developed a self-cleaning system. Wrong doers are wrong doers, they must suffer.




What you sow, so shall you reap. It is REALITY.


Reality defines the Truth.


Humans cannot.


But Nature does.


And remember the self-cleaning system.


False cannot sustain longer, neither True will be untested.


Both will get tough times.


Once a religious Alim (I hate the word Scholar) was asked by the King of Era.


What is the Allah doing right now?


Alim was learned one.


He responded, ‘Dear Sir, would you please be kind enough, so that we temporarily exchange our places, and then I will reply to your query’?


King said: Okay. And exchanged the places.


Now, King was sitting among the general people, the audience, and the Alim was sitting at the throne of the King.


Alim said: Allah is doing the same thing right now.


HE is changing the circumstances of the people.


How wise. How significant. How learned.


Previously, EVERYTHING had a Price, but nowadays, EVERYONE has a Price.


Pay my price and I am all yours! I will start singing and dancing for you.


Honesty to oneself is vital in the whole story of life.


A close friend tells, ‘Vote Zamir Ka’ – Vote is of my own Conscience.


Precious friend, a learned one, an ethical one.


Be honest, at least to your own self, and yes, the society too.


Whatever you do, whomever you support, at least be honest to the society.


Decide not on what is good for you? but what is good for the society and the community, is important.


Counseling Vote for the PAST, or Empowerment Vote for The FUTURE?


Forgive and forget your past, but please, do not forget the experience.


Wise men say,


Voting is always for The FUTURE, The EMPOWERMENT.

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