The Last of Us: Episode three

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On this episode we get introduced to two new characters, Bill and Frank. We first see Bill, who is a survivalist that lives in a very small town outside of Boston and when everybody was going to the quarantined zone he stayed behind because, deep inside he had always been ready for an event like the apocalypse. We see his basement where he has more weapons than any sane person would. We also see the booby traps that he has set up all over the deserted town where he lives, as well as the barbed wire in order to set up a perimiter. During the first four years of the outbreak we see how he lives a very peaceful live, but alonç. He has his own self sufficient life, with his own garden and he eats steaks.

The year is 2007 and suddenly he hears something outside, a guy has fallen into one of his traps. He goes out to check on him and we see Frank who is just trying to get into Boston. Bill tells him the way but Frank asks him if he could eat something first and Bill hesitates but lets him in. As they are inside, Bill cooks him a meal while Frank takes a shower. As they are eating they begin to talk and we learn that they are gay and they kiss. From here they begin to have a very beatiful relationship and we see them live through the apocalypse, living happy moments with their little garden and through some tough one´s when they are attacked by raiders and Bill get´s shot. We also see how Joel and Tess meet them as Frank was speaking with Tess through the radio and Frank invited them to have lunch. When they do we see the similarities between Frank and Tess and Joel and Bill. Frank and Tess are both the hopeful side of the group, where they always see the good side of things while Joel and Bill are the survivalists and see the world as it truly is.

Years later we see that they have grown old and Frank is in a wheelchair because he has some sort of medical condition and Bill is taqking care of him. One day Frank tells him that he wants to die but he wants to have one last day, so they have breakfast, they go to their garden and in their last dinner, Bill smashes a bunch of pills into Frank´s glass of wine and after he drinks it, Bill confesseses that he already filled the bottle with enough pills to kill a horse. He explains that Frank was his purpose and he doesn´t want to live anymore as he has fulfilled his. After this Bill takes Frank to their bed to go to sleep.

Days later Joel and Ellie get to Bill´s house and we see a note that he left for them where he explains what happened to them and tells Joel that they are the same, that they are protectors who must take care of those who are close to them and God help however gets in their way. He tells them to pack up anything they need and to take Bill´s truck and as they do we get a final shot of Bill and Frank´s window.

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