The Last of Us: Episode 6

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We keep following Joel and Ellie´s adventure through the USA. Three months have passed since the events of Kansas and it is the winter time. We see a random man with his hunt going into his cabin where Joel and Ellie with the man´s wife. They ask the man which direction is west and while he points tothat direction he warns that they mustn´t cross the river as there is only death across. As they follow the directions they kind of get lost and after a while they get surrounded by a group of people in horses. They get sniffed by a dog in order for the people to know if they are infected and we get a moment of tension as the dog sniffs Ellie but she is okay. After this they go to a town where Tommy happens to be and he gets reunited with Joel.

Afterwards we see the whole town which has Christmas decoration and Joel and Ellie look very out of place since this town is very well put together and Joel and Ellie have been on the road for a long time. Joel and Tommy go to another place to talk and during this conversation Joel lies to his brother as we can see that he is resentful of him since Tommy tells him that he is having a baby with his wife Maria. She is with Ellie at her house cutting her hair and here Ellie learns by accident about Joel daughter and that she is dead. During the other conversation Joel tells that he and Ellie will leave in the morning and for Tommy not to worry.

Later that day Ellie is with the whole town and they are watching a movie while Joel and Tommy have another conversation. This time Joel confesseses everything to Tommy about Tess, Ellie and what they have to do. However he is afraid that he is not going to be able to keep Ellie safe and that he is afraid of losing her like he lost his daughter. Because of this he asks Tommy to take Ellie to the medical center. During the conversation Ellie left the movie and she heard this conversation so she leaves angrily and Joel goes after her. They then have a discussion about how Ellie is not her daughter and that she wants to go with him but Joel will not do it.

The next day Ellie and Tommy are going to the stables where they see Joel and without thinking it twice Ellie goes on top of his horse and they both go to the medical center. When they get there it is completely abandoned and they see the Fireflies simbols. As they go looking for the stuff they see three raiders so they try to sneak back to their horse but they get ambushed. They manage to kill two of them and they get away from the other one but Joel notices that he has been stabbed. As they are riding back he falls off the horse and he faints.




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