The best Money Heist episodes

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On this post, we are going to review the top 5 episodes from the series Money Heist. Since its ending in 2021 it has been the third most watched show in Netflix´s history behing only Stranger Things and Squid Game.

8th episode from season 1

On the fifth place is the 8th episode from season 1. On this episode, Arthur plans the escape with a bunch of other hostages, while on the other hand, the Professor reveals us who gave hi the idea to rob the Royal Mint Corporation. Which turns out to be the Professor´s father who was sadly killed during a robbery before he could even plan the heist.

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6th episode from season 2

After this episode comes the 6th episode from season 2. On this season tensions arise between the gang. On the final episode the robbers have to speed up the manufacturing of banknotes in order to leave the Factory with as much loot as possible and there is no time to mourn the death of Moscow. In addition, the investigations of the police take them ever closer to the lair of The Professor, who now has many more concerns than directing the assault.

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Last episode from the third season, Astray

On third place comes the last episode from the third season, Astray. On this episode As Tokio tries to drown her sorrows, since Río decides to end things with her. Inspector Alicia Sierra uses personal tactics against a vulnerable Nairobi, using her son´s teddy bear to try and take her out but misses. Meanwhile Suárez follows the trail of Raquel Murillo and the Professor through the woods and manages to get a hold of her.

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Fourth season´s last episode

As a close second comes the fourth season´s last episode. The Paris plan. On this episode, Raquel Murillo manages to ger herself inside the Bank of Spain, tricking the whole police force by making them think they were giving up Cesar Gaviria (the head of security of the Bank). However we are left with a cliffhanger when inspector Alicia worms her way in to the Professor´s lair pointing a gun at him.

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Last episode from the fifth season, called “A Family Tradition”

Finally the best episode from the whole series is the last episode from the fifth season, called “A Family Tradition”. On the final episode, The Professor is inside the Bank, arrested along with the whole gang while Alicia tries to find the gold which was stolen by Berlin´s son. As the Professor negotiates with Coronel Tamayo for him to give up the gold as Spain´s economy is tanking. The Professor offers the ultimate bluff; replace the gold reserve with brass and make the whole world believe that they recuperated the gold. Coronel Tamayo agrees and the whole gang manages to go free from the Bank.

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