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Series and Movies Like Money Heist

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Money Heist is not the first series to tackle bank robberies, although it is one of the most original. Here are some other movies and series similar to it.

Vis a Vis

We jump from ‘La casa de papel’ to the great ‘Vis a vis’, a kind of Spanish version of ‘Orange is the new black’ (but very different) that shares many of the elements with Alex Pina’s series. With absolutely charismatic characters who meet at the Cruz del Sur women’s prison, from the relentless Zulema played by Najwa Nimri, who stars in both shows, to the innocent Macarena played by Maggie Civantos, the series immerses us in a plot full of of tension, conflicts, escape plans and as many friends as enemies.

Very hot scene from Vis a Vis Series


The saga of Ocean´s

In the cinema, the saga of Ocean’s could be considered similar to Money Heist. From the groundbreaking ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ to the recent female version ‘Ocean’s 8’, this series of films focuses its action on heists of the level of ingenuity, risk and tension of those of The Professor’s gang. Fiance. The iconic first film, starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and others, is a brilliant demonstration of the possibilities of the most entertaining, stylish and even romantic ‘heist movie’ genre. As in the Netflix series, each member of the gang has his unique personality and his specific mission in The Plan, which, as we will see, is usually foolproof.

Inside Man

Starring Denzel Washington, this movie follows a bank robbery and the confrontation between a policeman (Denzel) and a very astute robber played by Clive Owen. As the dangerous game of cat and mouse unfolds, a third person appears who has been hired by the influential owner of the bank (Christopher Plummer). It turns out to be Madaline played by Jodie Foster, a powerful broker who has a secret agenda.

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Lupin (Netflix)

This series premiered on January 8, 2021 and in a few days it became a true worldwide success. It tells the story of Assane Diop, a man marked by the suicide of his father several years ago after being convicted of a crime he did not commit. The series is aimed at seeing how he tries to clarify what happened and seek revenge for the death of his parent when he was just a child.


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