Recommended Books for Civil Engineering Public Services Test Preparations

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Recommended Books for Civil Engineering Public Services Test Preparations

Several students in their Bachelor’s Studies, join different fields whether those fields are among their favorites or maybe they have been PUSHED by the external influencers to join some particular field of study, without having internal proclivity. Whatever the case might be; when you have joined any field of study, then you MUST excel it to its acme to gain vital results. And certainly, one should be determined to fly with eagles rather than gobbling with turkeys. Remember, whatever your field of interest is, that is UNIQUE. Unique in the sense that it is YOU, unlike anyone else in this world, who have joined the particular field. It’s you who can bring revolution or energize that field. No one else can be YOU.

You can run with turkeys, but it takes greater strength to fly with eagles.
― Matshona Dhliwayo

Many times, I, Engr. Shad Muhammad, have been asked, and recently again one of my students named Ali Faraz, a student of the 6th Semester, in COMSATS University Islamabad, Sahiwal Campus, asked me to mention the recommended books for Civil Engineering Public Services Test Preparation.



As frequently the author has been asked this question several times. I taught to let me wp-content/uploadsally share this query for greater goodness and awareness.

First, I should be encouraging this student, as he is clear in what he is asking for. Clarity of purpose is the most vital element in goals achievement and ultimate success. Rather than asking a GENERAL QUESTION regarding Civil Engineering Career Preparation, he sought a particular query.

In Pakistan, to prepare for Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) or Provincial Public Service Commission (PPSC) as a Civil Engineer, you need to be SHORTLISTED or SCREENED OUT through a written test based on 100 MCQs with 120 minutes duration, before being eligible for appearing before SELECTION BOARD of COMMISSION.

Its pity to say these PUBLIC SERVICE commissions in Pakistan are generally adopting EXACT questions from few particular books. These books are mentioned below;

S. No.Book NameAuthor
1.Civil Engineering (Conventional and Objective) with MCQs and AnswersR. Agor
2.Civil Engineering (Objective Type)S. Handa


3. Civil Engineering (Conventional and Objective Type)R. S. Khurmi 

G. K. Gupta


Covers applied mechanics, the strength of materials, hydraulics and fluids mechanics, hydraulic machines, building material irrigation, engineering, wp-content/uploads health engineering, and concrete technology.This book has been written for UPSC Engineering Services, IPA Preliminary Examinations, and other Object Type Tests and Interviews. Based on the feedback received from the readers’ chapters and related areas have been furthers strengthened by adding questions from latest examinations. Questions from various competitive examinations, sent by the readers have also been added at appropriate places.Civil Engineering: Objective Type and Conventional Questions and Answer-Khanna Publishers-R. Agor-2012-EDN-28

Generally, all books are having similar divisions of CHAPTERS. All the major chapter categories are given below;

1.Building Materials and Construction2.Surveying Mcqs
3.Highway Engineering4.Design of Concrete Structures
5.Structural Design Specifications6.Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
7.Estimating and Costing8.RCC Structures Design
9.Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics10.Applied Mechanics and Graphic Statics
11.Strength of Materials12.Construction Planning and Management
13.Engineering Economy14.Design of Masonry Structures
15.Tunnel Engineering16.Fluid Mechanics
17.Environmental Engineering18.Structural Analysis
19.Theory of Structures20.Railway Engineering
21.Design of Steel Structures22.Elements of Remote Sensing
23.Waste Water Engineering24.Water Supply Engineering
25.Irrigation, Water Resources Engineering, and Hydrology26.Dock and Harbor Engineering
27.Airport Engineering

And YES, these books are available in Pakistan in Hard Paper Backing. You can order these books from online stores or visit Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, or Peshawar based books stores.

Download PDF: Civil Engineering MCQs by R. S. Khurmi and Gupta

Remember, few chapters are more important in a few cases and vice versa.

I will be writing a particular article regarding that. Thank-You !


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