Planning for Success

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Planning for Success

Success is the honest achievement of one’s desires and wishes. There are three things required for getting success in life:

  1. Goals/ Aims / Purpose of life
  2. Continuous Action Plan
  3. Time Management


Goals of Life

Every person has certain goals in life. Goals are fuel in the furnace of achievement. A person without goal is like a ship without a rudder, drifting aimlessly and always in danger of ending up by the rocks.
The famous oil billionaire H. L. Hunt, was asked about the requirement for success. He answered; one needs only two things;

  • Decide exactly what you want.
  • Determine the price you are going to pay to get it.


Continuous Action Plan

 Allah says in the Quran:
“Man gets what he tries for” (Surah Najam)
Hardworking is key to success. The weakness of the most of the people is that, even if they have some idea in mind, they have never sat down and thought, what it will take to get it. What is their action plan for achieving their goals to get success and happiness?
Success is not like going to the restaurant, where you can pay the bill after you have enjoyed the dinner. The success that you desire requires payment in full, in advance and every single time.
Many people launch themselves towards goals and then allow themselves to slow and stop. Once, they stop, they often find very difficult to continue their journey towards success and they think that they cannot do it.


Time is much more important than wealth. Time is the greatest wealth. Every morning our pocket is filled with twenty-four golden coins. We have full power either to utilize or waste it. But you will be asked about it in life i.e. you will see the result. What you will saw, you shall also reap it. This is the law of action and reaction.

When you have paid the full price for success, the success will be there in front of you, for all to see. The life you are enjoying today is the reflection of the price you have paid up to know.


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