Money heist season 1 facts

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-The characters Nairobi, Moscow and Oslo initially had to be called Valencia, Chernobyl and Cameroon.

-The printing of money that appears in the first season are not the machines of the Spanish Currency and Stamp Factory, but the rotary presses of the newspaper ABC. The banknotes that were produced for the series were printed using newsprint.

-The masks, in principle, should be those of Don Quixote, but finally Salvador Dalí was chosen.

-At first, the narrator of the series had to be the professor. But the writers, when they saw that the cast had more men than women, decided that Tokio should be the voice-over of Money Heist.

-The opening credits song is original by the Madrid singer Cecilia Krull with music by Manel Santisteban Lara, which is called “My life is going on”.

-Initially, all the thieves had to have terminal illnesses, and that had to be what should unite them to carry out the robbery.

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