Money heist season 1 best moments

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The first ever “Bella Ciao”.

The song Bella Ciao has been one of the most iconic parts about Money Heist. We first hear this song being sang by Berlin and The Professor when they were first planning the first heist. This song was created before World War II however it was popularised during this time in Italy as an antifascist rally.

Denver is forced to kill Monica.

Monica was caught with a telephone that she stole from a coat as she was convinced by Arturo. She was caught because it rang while the hostages were all in the hall. Because of this, Berlin who is the leader of the band tells Denver to execute her. However he likes Monica and he doesn´t want to just kill somebody but he doesn´t see another way out. So they go to the bathroom and Monica is begging Denver not to kill her and she convinces him to shoot her in the leg as this way there would be enough blood as evidence and she can hide inside the vault. This whole episode is very intense as there is also a very good moment at the end when the robbers take the hostages up to the roof dressed with the  Dali masks and Arturo overhears the robbers say that Monica is dead and he begins to swing the pistol that he has on him and the snipers that are on the roof next to him are ordered by Raquel to shoot him and they do in the shoulder.

Some of the policemen try to enter

Right on the next episode after Arturo gets shot, Raquel urges the Professor to let a team of docotrs enter the Royal Mint as Arturo needs surgery urgently. Although Raquel has an undercover plan in which she will let another team enter the Mint through the ventilators dressed as Dali. But the Professor had already foreseen that the police would try something like this so he had a contingency plan for this. He would have every hostage and member of the band change their masks to other that aren´t the Dali masks. As the doctors finish the surgery and leave the mint, one of the nurses who is also an undercover cop runs to the tent where the police are based and tells Raquel that the other team is walking right into the trap but they cannot comunicate with them as the team has inhibitors placed in order to prevent any comunication from the outside into the Mint. Again we see the perspicacity of the Professor as he has a plan for everything and he is always one step ahead of the police.

Some of the hostages manage to escape

On the penultimate episode of the first season, Arturo´s plan comes to fruition when a dozen of the hostages manage to blow up one of the exits of the Royal Mint. As the hostages escape, a team of police men formed barricade´s in order to try and get in. However the team manages to get to the exit before the police do and we get an exciting shootout where it looks like the police are going to be able to go in but Tokyo saves the day bringing a large machine gun and shooting at everything and everyone on sight and the others of the band manage to block the entrance.

The Professor goes to the scrapyard

On the sixth episode of the first season, The Professor realizes that the police are going to find out about the car that he used which is now in a scrapyard. Therefore he must go there and get rid of all the fingerprints and clues that the police might find. However when he gets there the owner of the scrapyard is there and tells him to leave. Then the police get there, specifically Raquel but he had already cleaned the car. So in order to not get caught he rips his clothes and starts to bleed so that he can look like a homeless guy and the police don´t suspect him. But Raquel notices him and orders the other policeman to go after him. This moment is very exciting as we see once again the intelligence and will of the professor to not get caught.



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