Jhansi web series

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Jhansi web series is a series that aired on October 27th on Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu. This series has got 6 episodes  and it starts with Jhansi who is a cop and a mother who also suffers from annesia. When her past that she doesn´t remember catches up to her, she is in danger.

The main cast of this series is Anjali, who plays the protagonist Jhansi, Aadarsh Balakrishna who plays Samrat and Chandini Chowdary who plays Barbie. The directos is Thiru

The highest rated episode on IMDb is the first one with an 8.1 rating. Each episode has a different runtime but they are all in the range of 30-40 minutes.

The main plot of this series starts when Samrat takes Jhansi to Hyderabad after she saves his daughter from an accident. Because of this they form a family but Jhansi keeps experiencing episodes from her past so she decides to embark on a journey to discover who she was and who her enemies were  after she encounters a man from the past

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