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Season 1 Money Heist (2017)

The Professor recruits a young female robber and seven other criminals for a grand heist, targeting the Royal Mint of Spain.

Hostage negotiator Raquel makes initial contact with the Professor. Police grab an image of the face of one of the robbers.

Raquel suffers a personal crisis with her ex. The hostages are frightened by the gunshots they overheard. The thieves argue among themselves.

The thieves let a medical team enter the Mint, and an undercover policeman sneaks in with them. Can the Professor stay one step ahead of Raquel?

Río is disturbed by news he sees on the television. A break in the investigation puts the Professor at risk of being discovered.

Berlín seeks revenge once his identity is revealed in the press. Tokyo catches Alison chatting with Río and confronts her.

Raquel enters the Mint to secure proof of life that all of the hostages are still alive and well. Nairobi gives Alison advice.

Arturo formulates an escape plan for a group of hostages. Ángel and Raquel question each other’s loyalties. Mónica makes a move on Denver.

The Professor reveals who gave him the idea for the plan. At the Mint, the thieves offer the hostages a decision: money or freedom?

Season 3 Money Heist

Season 4 Money Heist

Season 5 Money Heist

Season 6 Money Heist


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