Determination to Mange Yourself and the Money

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Before the start of journey to be rich, honestly speaking it is difficult to manage oneself then to manage ones’ money issues. Determination to initiate good things and to refrain from doing certain bad things is essential requirement to be successful in life. And is harder task to do.


First thing first. How better you know your attitude? How courageous and determined you are? How much action taker and risk taker you are? Are you the only dream guy having a lot of visionary ideas with no blueprints of supported actions? Or are you action taker in the season of hard work?


All such basic questions need to be known about your own self by your own self before the start for the journey of money earning and investing.


Believe me most of the time we do want to get rich and successful, but wants are just wants, they are not our desires with true determination in its backend. Thus resulting in failures and ultimately disappointments. Mostly we humans are lazier, less determined, low risk takers, having low will power, and want to get the work done by putting the least efforts. We are dissuaded very easily to let ideas fade away and to lose hope.


Ask yourself, do you have what it takes to be wealthy person? Are you going to leave the lazy self and start your day 1 hour earlier and sleep 1 hour late? Are you going to leave unnecessary but urgent tasks and focus on long term visionary tasks in day to day life? Do you have the guts, the courage, the backbone, the focus? Are you going to sacrifice your family and friends’ circles? Are you going to apply what you learn about how to be wealthy?


Hundreds of questions need to be asked to reinforce the strength to get determined. Anthony Robbins, a motivational speaker, reiterates in his every lecture that develop and ask as many ‘Ifs’. What if I get rich? What if I get millionaire? What if this… What if that… The more ‘Ifs’ you have, the more determined you will be.

One cannot expect a heavy weighted, middle aged-person to win the gymnastic competition or swimming completion just by being determined or practicing for few days. Everything you that you want to succeed needs time, investment, and perseverance (the consistency).


Failure is a step to push you more forward like a trampoline springs. The harder you fall, the more you will rise to the top.


Truly know yourself first. Learn to control your urges and short term gratifications. They are useful art to learn.


That is enough for today. Have a Great Day!

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