College romance season 1 characters

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College romance is an hindu web series that was released on TVF in 2018. Most of the characters are the same throughout the whole series. There are four characters that appear during the three seasons and five that appear in the first two seasons. This characters are as such; Karan who is Deepika’s ex-boyfriend, Naira and Trippy’s best friend and Dhatrapriya’s boyfriend. He is played by Keshav Sadhna. Naira who is Bagga’s girlfriend and Karan and Trippy’s best friend. She is played by Apoorva Arora. Bagga who is Naira’s boyfriend and is played by Gagan Arora and finally Deepika who is Karan’s ex-girlfriend and is played by Shreya Mehta.

There are also some side characters such as Anshuman played by Ambrish Verma, Naina played by Geetika Budhiraja and Birju played by Ankit Motghare. These characters also appear in the second season.

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