Best game of thrones characters

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Today we are going to talk about the top 10 best characters from one the best series of all time; Game of Thrones.

In the first place we have Yrion Lannister. His intelligence, wit, sarcasm, and hatred of the Lannisters make him one of the most beloved characters in the series. It is not the first time that they have made us suffer thinking that the end of his days was approaching, but the truth is that many fans see him sitting on the Iron Throne.

As a very close second, Jon Snow. The bastard Stark has been one of our favorite characters. His bravery, desire for unification for a common goal, kindness and empathy have always been the attributes of a likeable character.

In third place falls Daenarys Targaryen. She is the ‘girl’ of the series, the one who has had the greatest evolution: from being a fearful virgin princess, forced to marry the rude Khal Drogo, she has become the Khaleesi, the queen of the Dothraki, the ‘mother’ of three dragons and liberator of slaves.

Cersei Lannister makes our fourth spot. From the start, the scheming, cruel, amoral and ambitious widow of King Robert Baratheon becomes the biggest “bad guy” in the series. In addition, the incestuous relationship that she maintains with her brother Jaime, the father of her children, provides her with a greater dose of morbidity. His three offspring are the only ones he truly loves.

Finishing our top 5, Jaime Lannister Twin brother of Cersei Lannister, Jaime is the ‘Kingslayer’, the arrogant warrior who assassinated King Aerys II Targaryen. Chivalrous and seductive, cruel and ruthless.

On sixth place is Sansa Stark The sweet and naive eldest daughter of Eddard Stark and Catelyn Tully. Initially she is the typical noble lady who dreams of marrying a handsome prince, the later cruel King Joffrey. When he has his father beheaded, horror enters his life. After the death of the young monarch, and forced to marry Tyrion, Lord Baelish helps her flee to the north, where she suddenly matures, especially after her marriage to the despicable and brutal Ramsay Bolton, on whom she took revenge.

Seventh place goes to Arya Stark. Arya is Sansa’s younger sister and very different from her: independent, brave and stubborn, she likes to do what her brothers do: fight, shoot the bow and practice fencing.

On eighth place Jorah Mormont He is a ruined knight from remote Bear Island, who showed up at Daenerys’s wedding to serve her brother, Viserys, to secretly inform Robert Baratheon and gain a royal pardon. His initial opinion about the Khaleesi’s capabilities changes until he is her most faithful servant.

On penultimate place we have Lord Varys. He is one of the most fascinating characters. Born a slave, castrated by a sorcerer, he learned to be the best thief in the kingdom, before discovering that power lies in information, for which he created a large network of spies at his service. Advisor to King Aerys, he has managed to survive all the dead and assassinated monarchs. Help Tyrion flee to take him to Daenerys.

Finally, on tenth place is Petyr Baelish. He is another of the characters who pulls the strings. Like Varys, he is one of the councilors who has managed to survive several kings. Machiavellian and an expert in palace intrigues, pimp and skillful negotiator. He was in love in his day with Catelyn Tully, helps her daughter Sansa flee and takes her to her aunt Lysa, whom he marries (and later kills).

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