Who is Erin Carter?

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Who is Erin Carter? follows the story of a substitute teacher at an international school in Spain, where she has lived for five years apparently without picking up more than eight words of the language  since fleeing England for unkown reasons. She has a daughter called  Harper, a preteen with a deteriorating eye condition and an admirable propensity to lamp anyone who tries to bully her about it. The story takes off after she kills self-defence, of one of the people engaged in the armed robbery of a supermarket into which she and Harper have popped to use the loo. In his dying throes, he recognises her from her mysterious past life.

Erin Carter is played by Evin Ahmad and Harper is played by Indica Watson. The series was created by Jack Lothian and it first aired on Netflix on the 24th of August of 2023, having only seven episodes, the highest rated episode being the fourth one. There are other characters such as Erin´s hurband Jordi who is played by Sean Teale or her neighbour played by Pep Ambròs who is also a police detective.

It was not so well received in the media, having an IMDb rating of 6,5 and it would seem that it didn´t have a very good ending, being as it is the second lowest rated episode after the first one.

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