Top Boy Season 3

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Top Boy is a Netflix series which follows the lives of two drug dealers called Dushane and Sully in the hood of London. There are five series which follow these two characters, the first one having aired on 2011 however the first two series were not as impactful and it didn´t get as much attention from the media as the last three seasons, the last having aired on Netflix on the 7th of September of 2023. It became a Netflix series on 2019 with the first season having ten episodes, the second one having eight and the last season 6 and the last one having six.

It was created by Ronan Bennet and it stars the two main characters Dushane and Sully played byAshley Walters and Kane Robinson, however it stars other actors such as Malcolm Kamulete, Giacomo Mancini, Shone Romulus, Sharon Duncan-Brewster and Kierston Wareing. Each episode has an average runtime of 48 minutes. The series was revived thank to Canadian rapper Drake who showed an interest in the first two seasons, and Netflix decided to make another season. After this the first two seasons were added to Netflix under Top Boy: Summerhouse.

The series also casts quite a lot of British rappers such as Dave, Kano, Ashley Walters and Sway.

This series has been very critically aclaimed and compared to other drug related series such as Snowfall, The Wire…

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