The Last of Us: Episode 5

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This episode starts 11 days before Joel and Ellie get to Kansas and we see the fall of FEDRA and how Kathleen and her group managed to takeover the city. At the same time we follow the journey of Henry and Sam, who are the brothers that ambushed Joel and Ellie at the end of episode four. Henry used to work for FEDRA as a rat, informing on his neighbors in order to get benefits from them such as food, medicine… We see the place where they stayed hidden during those 11 days hoping that thw guy that helped them hide would come back with more food. When he didn´t come that is when Henry decided to take Sam out of the city. While they are doing this they see the ambushed that Joel and Ellie suffered when they got to Kansas. That is when Henry decided that Joel would be the one to help them get out.

After this we follow where we ended episode four with Henry and Sam introducing themselves to Joel and Ellie. Since they didn´t kill each other they decide to help each other by getting out of the city. Henry explains that it is possible going through the subway but Joel is very skeptical since he doesn´t trust Henry. As they go through the tunnels they stop for some time in an underground preschool where Henry explains that when Sam got sick with leukemia FEDRA had the medicine for him therefore he had to give them the leader of the resistance; Kathleen´s brother. With this we learn the reason for Kathleen´s hatred for him.

They continue their journey now outside on the other side of the city and as they are celebrating that their plan worked they start getting shot by a sniper. As they run for cover Joel goes around the house where the sniper is located and doesn´t want to kill him but he doesn´t give Joel a choice. Then Joel discovers that the sniper alerted Kathleen and the resistance that they were getting away and as the camera pans outside we see that a few trucks are going after Ellie, Henry and Sam. Joel manages to take one out and it crashes into a house. The others hide behind a car but they are surrounded by Kathleen and her people so Henry gets out of the hideout and as Kathleen is about to kill him the truck that crashes suddenly goes into the ground and we get a few seconds of suspense and then a swarm of zombies get out of the hole. Henry, Ellie and Sam run for cover and the resistance starts killing all the zombies as well as Joel. Then we hear a loud roar and we finally see a bloater; this is the most advanced infected zombie there is and we see how powerfull it is as it starts killing people and the bullets don´t hurt him. As Henry, Sam and Ellie start escaping they get stopped by Kathleen and when she starts talking again she gets killed by a little girl-clicker.

Finally, the gang is safe in a motel and Ellie and Sam are reading some comics when Sam shows Ellie that he was bitten so in order to calm him down she shows him that she is inmune and tries to cure him by rubbing some of her blood into his bitemark. The next morning Ellie wakes up and she tries calling Sam but as she gets closer she gets attacked by a now infected  Sam. They go to the living room where Joel and Henry are and when they see what is happening Joel goes to help but Henry shoots at his feet and as he is panicking he kills Sam. As he comes to the realization of what he has done Joel tries to convince him to give him the gun but he can´t and Henry kills himself.

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