Srikanto web series

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This series is the television´s version of  Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s novel and it takes on the relationship of Srikanto-Rajlokkhi with a modern view on it. It belongs to the Hoichoi TV network. It is a Bengali spoken series which released on April 14th of 2022

The series has some mixed reviews having an IMDb score of 6,6, however its highest episode had a score of 8 while the worst episode had a score of 5,6. Something very strange happens with this series as the scores get significantly worse episode after episode until the last one where it picks up a bit. Each episode has an average runtime of 20 minutes.

The main cast consists of Rishav Basu who plays Srikanto, Sohini Sarka who plays Rajlokkhi and Madhumita Sarkar who plays Abhaya.


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