Life is a Game! and We all are Players

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Life is a Game! and We all are Players

Play ‘the game of life’ based on some social, cultural, religious, professional, and some biased personal principles.


Rules of the game are simple: Live It.


Living it with honor, dignity, passion, and happiness is a choice. Last one is vital: The Happiness.


Happiness can be snatched. Happiness can be seeded, and Happiness can be voted, too.


Unforgettable rule of the Game of Life is simple.


No one is of any one!




Promises, commitments, assurances, are fragile and capricious.


But still people’s heart wants to trust someone; despite all their haunting fears of disappointments, denials and selfishness.


Everyone do not trust everybody else.


Few may trust you, but many might not.


Many are likeable, but very few are trustable.


What makes people trust others?

Personification, commitments, expectations, qualifications, experience, or maybe deceiving tactics, or maybe a heart say.


Real Leader is trustable and electable one.


Sophisticated Degrees, Lavish Posts, Administrative Positions, Obsolete Experience, do not make one a Leader, let effective leadership be miles away.


Management Gurus inform us, that anyone who sit at some managerial position should not be considered as a Leader.


We usually think Positional Leaders are Leaders, but real leaders are the elected ones, not the selected ones.


People ask does vote matters?


Yes, Voting is like a person putting his/her heart on others’ feet.


Considerable weight a leader has to take, and take care of people’s feelings.


Give them assurance, show them some performance in the right direction, and they might accept your limitations.


But if you undermine them, care them less, then there is a problem in you and in your leadership style.


Even dictators consider themselves leaders. Self-Accepted Leaders.


Anyone can be a leader, provided people start TRUSTING him/her.


What are the elements of trust? Does publicity make you trustable? Does experience make your trustable? Are trusted ones, the likeable ones? Does trust need a Language? Reinvesting in Trust? Bankrupt of Trust Deposits?


Several questions but one answer is return;




Be yourself.


Hiding your character behind the camouflage of Degrees, Positions, Posts, Experience, Seniority, Finances, and Sociocultural norms is fake, forged, and not viable.


Be human, listen to humans, and talk like a human.




No one is of no one!


But still I want to trust…






I wanna live a happy, satisfied life.


The Trusted Ones are the Caring Ones.

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About the Author

This article is written by Shad Muhammad.  

(c) All Rights Reserved.

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