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Strange School Tales (TV Series) – Intro

A terrible murder happened at Eungbo High School where an Arts teacher was found dead at the middle of school field. She was found hanged to death but nothing could be hanged at the school field. Ki Chul-min (Lee Kyu Sung) was the police officer in charge of this investigation, and he was also an alumni of the high school.

He reunited with his high school classmate Kang Min-goo (Joo Woo-jae) who became a teacher at the school. Min-goo was concerned about one of his students Kim Hye-mi (Kwon So-hyun), who had been skipping school. Min-goo contacted his another high school classmate Lee Eun-chan (Song Won-seok) who became an exorcist, as Min-goo suspected that Hye-mi’s mother was possessed. Hye-mi later revealed that she had seen a ghost in the Arts classroom. Some time later, the school principal also died in the school.

The trio then noticed there was a mark in the shape of the digit 8 on the corpses, and wondered if the murder cases were related to the death of their classmate Oh Myung-jin (Han So-eun) 8 years ago. They also learnt from a retired exorcist that wandering ghosts were trialed every 8 years, so the ghosts would try to fulfil their wishes (often taking revenge) before the trial, and some people might be possessed by more than a ghost, leading to them committing multiple murders.

It was later revealed that Hye-mi’s mother was actually possessed by Hye-mi’s father as her mother had killed her father. Therefore, the possessed mother killed herself by jumping from the rooftop of the school. It was also revealed that Chul-min was the boyfriend of Myung-jin during high school 8 years ago, and they often met behind the school at early morning before lesson started.

On the day that Myung-jin died, she had fight with Eun-chan as she disclosed that Eun-chan’s parents bribed the school in exchange for good grades, causing Eun-chan to push her to the ground. As Chul-min approached Myung-jin for their meeting, Eun-chan covered Myung-jin’s head with a plastic bag to pretend she was being murdered and dead.

Chul-min wanted to remove the plastic bag, but Eun-chan urged Chul-min to leave together immediately, as their futures would be greatly affected should they be found as suspects. In reality, Myung-jin was still alive then, she only passed away 3h later due to suffocation, which implied that Chul-min could have saved her life.

Min-goo was actually the one possessed by multiple spirits to take revenge on the Arts teacher, the school principal and finally Eun-chan, who finally recalled what he did to Myung-jin.

Strange School Tales (TV Series) – Season 1 and 2 – Trailer

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