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Why everyone is freaking out with ‘Mirzapur’, the new ‘Narcos’

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Drug dealing, family betrayals, chases and shootings, men who discover themselves through crime, a real city around which the whole story revolves. With these ingredients, we could be describing many series from recent years, from ‘Breaking Bad’ to ‘Narcos’. But no, we are talking about a current fiction. And produced outside the United States. Surprise? For now, not much, but maybe when we tell you that it is an Indian series, and that it has become an international phenomenon.

Just a week ago we talked to you from these pages about how the Netflix model and the rise of online platforms have helped to eliminate fictional borders, not only physical ones, but also cultural and social ones. The Thai series ‘Love by Chance’ has become one of the most sought after on the internet in the world, precisely because of its LGTB+ story, which has made it confront the country’s morality. But the success of the one before us today is different. It’s a classic: an action thriller and mafia and family intrigues at the height of ‘Narcos’.

What exactly are we talking about? This is ‘Mirzapur’, the third original Indian series on Amazon Prime Video (also available in its catalog in Spain), which has become a sensation not only because of a genre that engages anyone, but also because of its vocal setting. In fact, Mirzapur is the city (which exists in reality) where the action takes place, an enclave in the south of the country, next to the Ganges River, and whose name means something like royal lineage.

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There is a lot of that, of leaders and families, in the story that is the focus of the series, about a well-known carpet manufacturer, Akhandanand Tripathi, who is at the same time the largest drug and arms trafficker in the region. When his arrogant son, drugged, kills a young man, the businessman will face an unexpected crisis of power. It will be an important lawyer, Ramakat Pandit, who intends to take him down from the throne where he is, without knowing that his own children will also end up involved in that dark world. You refer to others, right? It is the frenetic formula of ‘Marzipur’ that has hooked so many people.

Released in November 2018, with a first season of new episodes, the Indian series has surprised as a phenomenon in countries like the United Kingdom, and is one of the most searched on the internet. Especially to find out if there will be more chapters. If you already know ‘Mirzapur’ and you are in that uncertainty, don’t worry: there will be a second season, recently confirmed. And you, who haven’t seen it yet, would you dare with an Indian fiction?

India has become an important industry for platforms such as Netflix, which has already released several titles produced there in Spain, such as ‘Sacred Games’, a criminal policeman close to ‘Mirzapur’, and ‘Gul’, in the coordinates of the mystery and supernatural terror. This third series of Amazon Prime Video is another example of how the online audiovisual giants (Disney and Apple will soon join with their own catalogues) are giving a lot of visibility to television industries unknown to us, but with a certain cultural toll: reproducing everything almost to the millimeter what is successful in the West.


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