Vincenzo hindi dubbed

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Vincenzo is a south korean tv show that first aired in a south korean tv network and later released on Netflix in 2021. It follows the story of Park Joo-hyung played by Song Joong-ki who as a child is adopted by the head of the Italian mafia in New York. He would then be a part of the mafia and would become the consigliere of the mafia and Don Fabio, the head of the Cassano family´s right hand made and is renamed Vincenzo. However, after Fabio dies, his son sets out to kill Vincenzo.

This crime drama was created by Studio dragon and is directed by Kim Hee-won. It has one season with 20 episodes and had a budget of 18 million US dollars.

It is also the eleventh highest rated south korean cable show and it was very popular on Netflix as well as it was in the top ten shows and reached its peak at the fourth spot.

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