Vilangu web series

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Vilangu is an indian 2022 series produced by Escape Artists as an original. It is a crime thriller web series directed by Prasanth Pandiyaraj and it stars Vemal in the lead role along with Ineya, Bala Saravanan and Munishkanth It is a seven episode series and released on the 18th of February. The series comprises a story about the police department from  Vembur. IllamParidhi played by Vemal is a sub-inspector at the Vembur Police Station, in the outskirts of Trichy, cannot balance his personal and professional life and it is the proffesional one that consumes most of his time. Three crimes happen on back to back to back nights that all must be investigated and when they set out to find the killer some mysterious things begin to happen.

Every episode has a different runtime but they are all on the 35 to 45 minute timeframe.

The series was very well received world wide, having a medium score on IMDb of 8,5, having its lowest episode being an 8,2 and its highest a 9.

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