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Top Series trending 2022 in Google

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As usual at this time of year, Google has shared the most searched for in its search engine throughout 2022. Its list is divided into categories of all kinds such as Cinema, TV and Series, songs, soundtracks or recipes. cooking, going through actors and actresses or news of all kinds.

Regarding the musical part, the top of most searched songs is crowned by the Indonesian artist Keisya Levronka and her song Tak Ingin Usai, while the most searched movie and TV series on Google in 2022 has been Thor: Love and Thunder and Euphoria, respectively. On the contrary, if we focus only on Spain, the global category of Cinema, television and series is led by Secret story, Survivors and Uncharted.

  1. Euphoria (HBO Max)
  2. House of the Dragon (HBO Max)
  3. Moon Knight (Disney Plus)
  4. The Watcher (Netflix)
  5. Inventing Anna (Netflix)
  6. Dahmer (Netflix)
  7. The Boys (Amazon)
  8. All of Us Are Dead (Netflix)
  9. Sandman (Netflix)
  10. Heartstopper (Netflix)



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