The Patient – New FX series in Disney Plus

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This is a very good drama.

Dr. Alan Strauss, a psychotherapist, is held hostage by a serial killer patient who has a very specific request: he wants his murderous urges to go away. The patient, Sam Fortner, forces Alan to face his own problems, including the recent death of his wife.

The Patient is a thriller series produced by FX Productions for Hulu. Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg write the script and are the creators of the series. The first two episodes are directed by Chris Long.

The series, which promises to be highly psychological, stars Steve Carell. Normally extraordinary to make us laugh, this time he plays a psychotherapist who has just lost his wife. Opposite him, in the role of Sam Fortner, a serial killer, is played by Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson.

October 7, 2021: 10 episodes are ordered for the series The Patient. Steve Carell gets the lead role. Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg are the creators and writers of the series. (Source: Deadline)
January 11, 2022: Chris Long directs the first two episodes of the series. Domhnall Gleeson, Linda Emond, Laura Niemi and Andrew Leeds join the cast. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)
February 7, 2022: Alex Rich returns to production. (Source: Deadline)
July 14, 2022: The first trailer for the first season of The Patient is released. (Source: YouTube)
August 17, 2022: A new teaser for The Patient is released, showing Sam holding therapist Alan captive. Sam gets food for his prisoner – in return he wants to be cured of his compulsion to murder people. (Source: FX via YouTube)
August 30, 2022: The Patient premieres on Hulu. (Source: Hulu)

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