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Money is the commodity that everyone wants it badly enough and wants it more enough. The more it is, the lesser it feels.

But do we all get what we are destined to, or we crave more and get less?

Money is considered a solution to our every problem that might be faced by us in this world.

With greater amount of wealth, one is capable of buying anything to everything in this world; that is from services industry to every product product available in market places.

Are we getting enough money for our hardwork?

How much money is enough for us?

Money earning is an art or is it based on skill what we have?

Several questions comes to our mind related to money, from earning to saving, and from saving to investing, and from profits to returns.

How can we save more money and spend enough lavishly on our daily needs but still keep our saving enough?

Want to investing money to attract more money?

How can money be cleansed? Black money to white money?

Want to know about ‘Money Enrichment Plants’?

How can we buy happiness and satisfaction with the help of using money in right places?

What if the money do not give what we wished from it?

Money is a source, it is a path, it is a medium of transaction of wealth.

After how much time money by itself starts harming the owner?

How much thirst is necessary to keep us earn more, and exceeding what limits this thirst transforms our souls to deadly beast?

A series are going to be published with the passage of time in order to clear the myths and misconceptions about money and the fruits which it bears and the accountability which each one of has to go through in terms of health, time, wealth, relationship, etc.

Keep reading the upcoming articles series which might help readers engender the power to harness the money, and invest it in right sources to generate more resources.

When you start getting money, then money will start attracting more money and the cycle continues which may be eternal if spent in contributory sources of funds.

Last step is the most essential, that is, give what you have taken.

Anyhow, it was a small intro to upcoming articles.

That is enough for the today. Have a Great Day!

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This article is written by Shad Muhammad.

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