The last of Us: Final Episode

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The episode opens up with a pregnant lady in the forest running from an infected into a house. She manages to get inside and she is minutes away from giving birth. Because of this she is screaming and making a lot of noise so the infected manages to folllow her into the house. Here she is sitting down in a locked room when the zombies bursts in but she manages to kill it, not before however getting bitten. We also see that she gave birth at the same time. Some time later, we see another group of people going into the home and finding the lady. We learn that one of the persons there is Marlene and the lady is her friend. The friend shows her the baby and to everyone´s surprised that she was bitten. The lady makes Marlene promise to take the baby and then kill her; which she does but not before we learn the namy of the baby, Ellie.

After the events that happened on the town, Joel and Ellie are on another cuty where it appears they will finally be able to get Ellie to the doctors and get the cure. As they go along the city we see Ellie and Joel going through a building and they see some giraffes on an esplanade. As they go walking around the city suddenly a smoke grenade drops behind them and they get knocked out. Joel then wakes up in a hospital bed where he is meeted by some Fireflies and Marlene. She cannot believe that they made it all the way up to the hospital as she barely got there herself and she was with the Fireflies. Afterwards Joel asks where Ellie is and Marlene explains that she is getting prepared for the surgery. She also says that in order to make the cure they must take the cordyceps that Ellie has which she was born with but then Joel says that the cordyceps grows in the brain, which means that she will die. Joel is not happy with this but he cannot do anything yet as there are two Fireflies with him. Marlene tells him to take him out to the highway and if he resists to kill him. As they are slowly walking down the stairs Joel manages to kill the two Fireflies and then we get a cool montage of Joel ruthlessly killing every single Firefly who gets in his way, even as they ask for mercy.

As he kills everybody in his way, he makes his way to the surgery room and as he enters the surgeon grabs a knife and tells him not to do anything but Joel kills him without thinking twice. He then tells the nurses to unplug Ellie and he starts taking her away. They get to the parking and as they are going to get into a car Marlene stops them and she tries to convince Joel to do the right thing, fixing the world even though his world will end. As she starts putting her gun down, Joel shoots her in the stomach. He then puts Ellie in the car and Marlene begs him not to kill her, that she will just walk away. However Joel responds that she will just come looking for her again and kills her.

In the last minutes of the episode, Joel is driving back and Ellie wakes up asking what happened. Joel then lies to Ellie and explains that it turns out there are more inmune people and that they didn´t need Ellie in the end. He also says that raiders then attacked the place and everybody died including Marlene. Some hours later the car dies and they just keep walking. Joel starts talking about his daughter but then Ellie opens up to him about the first person she killed, Riley, just before making Joel swear that everything he told her about the hospital is true. Which he says yes.

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