The last of us Episode two

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The second episode of The last of us aired on the 22nd of January 2023, however depending on which country you are watching it it may be on the 23rd.

On this episode we open up with the origin of the virus, in Jakarta Indonesia where we see some military men take a woman to a laboratory where there is one of the first ever zombies. After this woman sees what has happened and the military men ask her what can be done, she has a very scared look as she says that nothing can be done, other than to bomb this city, and everyone in it.

After we go back to Joel, Ellie and Tess and Joel is very concerned with the news we got at the end of episode one that Ellie is infected. Although Tess insists to just keep going in order to get the supplies to get to Tommy. Then we get some scenes of them walking through what is left of Boston after it was bombed. In order to get where they need to go they must take a detour, however in this detour we see a lot of dormant zombies, and Tess explains that they are all interconnected because of the fungus so if you step on it you can awake the zombies a mile away and they know where you are. Because 0f this they must go through a museum because on the top floor there is a way through to the other side.

As they enter the museum they see some petrified zombies but then they see a very torn apart body and Joel says that they must be silent; not quiet, silent. Everybody that has played the game realized on this moment what they were going to encounter, the Clickers. They are stage three infected and they cannot see but they hear. They go up some stairs where we see more petrified zombies and then they go inside a room. Here we get an action and stealth sequence against two Clickers but they manage to kill them.

Following this they get out of the museum and they continue to the old Town Hall where the Fireflies are supposed to be but as they go inside we see that everybody was infected and they are dead. Tess gets very desperate and tries looking for something in order to continue the journey but Joel tells her to just stop and that they must go back to the guarantined zone. Except Tess cannot go back and she shows us that she was bitten and we see the mark. She manages to convince Joel to continue with Ellie, as she was also bitten by a Clicker but her wound is already healing, instead of getting more and more infected. Suddenly a zombie wakes up and Joel kills him, not before he touches the fungus that is connected to the zombies we saw before, so Tess sacrifices herself by blowing up the Town Hall while Joel and Ellie make their way out.

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