The last of us Episode one

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The first episode of The last of us aired on HBO Max on the 16th of January of 2023 and what an episode it was.

The start of this episode was very unexpected however it set the tone of the series as it starts with an interview from the 60s where an epidemiologist explains the dangers of a fungi living in a human host and how that would mean the end of the human race. It was a pretty intense moment for just being an interview but it explains the origin of the virus of the series in a very dramatic way.

After this we get a whole sequence which is extremely similar to the game which is pretty cool for everybody that has played the game but we know how it is going to go. It is the beginning of the apocalypse and we see the mayhem that ensues through the eyes of the protagonist Joe, his daughter and Uncle Tommy. The daughter is the first to encounter the first zombie as she is woken up in the middle of the night by an explosion and she goes to check the neighbor´s house and there she sees the first one. Joel and Tommy arrive just in time and Joel kills it. After this they get on the car and they get to a little town where the madness continues. They get separated after an airplane crashes on the town. Joel carries his daughter and they get chased by a zombie but they get saved by a soldier. The soldier then points at them but Joel tells them that they aren´t infected. We see the soldier get some orders by radio and he raises his weapon at them but Tommy arrives just in time to save them but not before the soldiers shoots a flurry of bullets at them, killing Joel´s daughter.

20 years later we see a little boy going into a quarantined zone where he is taken by some guards. There we see a guard talking to the chlid and we see that the boy is infected. The guard tells him that everything is going to be okay as they put a needle in him. After we see some bodies getting thrown into a fire and we see Joel, who takes that little boy who´s asleep into that fire. With this scene we get an insight into how the world is after 20 years of an apocalypse. Now there is FEDRA which is sort of like the government and the Fireflies, which are the oppposition. We then see Joel going into a radio station where he talks to a guy that is in charge of all the comunication that goes into that zone. The guy there tells him that Tommy hasn´t sent a message back in three weeks. Therefore Joel decides that he must leave in order to find him, and he must go to Wyoming. We also see that the Fireflies have the other protaginst, Ellie locked up in a room and we lean that the Fireflies intend to take her to a medical camp west. After this we see Joel´s partner Tess and Joel talking about a battery which was stolen from them. Joel is furious because he needs the battery for a truck in order to find Tommy. Because of this they decide that they are going to find that guy and take it back. After they find out where he is located they go there but they see that there was a firefight in the building where the guy was supposed to be and we see the leader of the Fireflies with another woman and Ellie. However they are badly injured so the leader of the FIreflies tells Joel that they can get everything they need if they just smuggle Ellie out of the quarantined zone. Joel is hesitant but Tess convinces him to do it.

It is nighttime and we see Joel, Ellie and Tess sneaking out of the zone but suddenly a guard sees and stops them. He scans them and we see that Ellie is infected but that his bitemark is three weeks old, hinting that she is inmune. They manage to get past the guard thanks to Joel who tackles him and then punches him several times. With this ending scene, we see the ruthlesness of Joel and his willingness to survive and to do anything in order to stay alive.

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