The last of Us: Episode 8

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At the start of this episode, we meet another group of survivors who are barely getting by during the winter. The leader is a very religious man named David and we know that the people that tried to get Joel and Ellie on episode 6 are part of that group and David tells another member that they will kill the guy (Joel) but not the girl Ellie. On the other hand we see Ellie out in the wild trying to hunt a deer. As she manages to do so David and the other guy get to the deer first but Ellie threatens them with her rifle and she negotiates with them to trade the deer for medicine. David tells the other guy to go back to the town while him and Ellie wait. During this David explains to Ellie what happened at the end of episode six so she knows that they will come for them. When the other guy comes, he has a chance to kill Ellie but David stops him and they let Ellie go. David then explains that they will simply follow the trail. Back at the town we realize that David and some other guuys are secretely feeding human meat to the whole town, as we see the people eating at a town hall while deer is just arriving and previously they said that they didn´t have much food left.

Ellie starts injecting the medicine to Joel so that he can start to get cured. The next day is the same thing during the morning but when Ellie hears some people coming she starts driving them away with their horse while Joel tries getting up in case people try getting him. When a guy goes into the garage, Joel struggles but manages killing him and then he starts going outside. On the other hand Ellie is trying to escape from the other guys but she gets caught. While she gets taken to the town Joel captures two other guys and he starts interrogating one of them. Since he isn´t talking he sticks a knife into his kneecap, which gets him to tell joel where the town is and then he kills him. Afterwards he gets a metal bar and goes to the other guy which tells him that the other guy told the truth but Joel tells him that he believed him and then kills him too.

Ellie wakes up in a cell where David is waiting outside. He explains that he wants her to be a part of the town and that she could be a leader. Ellie then fakes being persuaded by him and she tried to grab his keys and breaks his finger.  Because of this they put her on a table and we see that they are going to butcher her but during this she manages to kill the other guy with the butcher knife and gets away into the town hall where David follows her. She starts lighting the whole place on fire while she tries finding a way to escape but David gets to her and they get to a scuffle but Ellie gets away. She then sneakes up behind him and starts ripping into him with the butcher knife uncontrollably. After like 15 swings of the knife she realizes that she has to get away from there. As she gets away from there Joel gets there and hugs her and he tells her that everything will be okay.

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