The Last of Us: Episode 7

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This episode begins with Joel badly wounded in an abandoned house and Ellie trying to cure him. Joel tells Ellie to go to Tommy´s town in order to get help. Just as she is about to leave we get a flashback of how Ellie got infected.

Ellie is in FEDRA school where she is running laps with a Walkman on when another girl steals it and they get into a fight. The next scene is Ellie talking with the director of the school and he offers her two choices. He says that she has a lot of potential and she is wasting it away, therefore she can either get grounded or continue working and get  to be an officer. Later that day during the night, Ellie is sleeping and she is woken up by an intruder who turns out to be her roommate Riley. She was missing for three weeks and it turns out that she has joined the Fireflies. Ellie cannot believe it as in FEDRA they train to kill Fireflies. Riley then tells her to sneak out and she will have the best night of her life. As they go outside Riley tells Ellie that they will go to the closed down mall but Ellie is scared as that place is supposed to be full of Infected. However Riley tells her not to worry. As they go inside we get a moment of tension as Ellie opens up a door and everything is dark but Riley turns on all the generators and the mall lights up. Ellie is fascinated by all of it and they spend many hours playing every game there is in the arcades.

Afterwards Ellie tries convincing Riley not to join the Fireflies as they can change things with FEDRA, which like the government now. Although Riley explains that since she will be 18 in a few months she already got her first assingment which is sewage detail. Menaning that she will have to watch as people clean up shit as she puts it. While this happens, the camera moves through the mall and we see that an Infected is waking up. As Ellie and Riley keep talking, Riley tells Ellie that she is going to get transferred to a Fireflies base in Atlanta and this is their last day together, that is why they are there. Ellie is very mad and she tells that if she is going to leave she might as well leave now since it is very late. AS she is living she suddenly hears some screaming and she goes running back but it was just another prank by Riley. She is on the floor sad and Ellie sits next to her. Riley explains that she joined the Fireflies because she never knew what it was like to have a family. Because of this, when the Fireflies chose her, she felt like she could finally be a part of something. Ellie understands and they get on top of some glass with some masks and they start dancing. As they get closer and closer, Ellie kisses her and she convinces Riley not to go anywhere. Afterwards they hug each other but suddenly the zombie comes in out of nowhere and attacks them. They manage to kill but they both get bitten by it.

After they get bitten, Ellie is full of rage while Riley is just sitting down. They debate on what to do and wether to kill themselves right there or go crazy together. Now, we finally see the present day where Ellie is looking everywhere for something to cure Joel and she finds something to stich the wound with.


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