The Last of Us: Episode 4

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On this episode we continue with Ellie and Joel who are on Bill´s truck heading west and they are stopped at a gas station and we see Ellie playing with a gun as if she was shooting at herself in the mirror. After driving for a whole day they stop in the middle of the forest and Joel says that he will sleep that night but we see that as he is going to go to sleep he stands up and decides to keep watch in the middle of the night. This way we see how Joel doesn´t trust the world and is never off guard.

The next day they keep driving and they have to go into Kansas as the highway is blocked off. While they are cruising through the city we see how there is no FEDRA and right after they see a guy in the middle of the road asking for help. However Joel already knows that play and he decides to run through him when suddenly more people appear and they make Joel crash the car. After he crashes he gets into a firefight with two guys and he tells Ellie to hide while he takes care of it. When he kills them suddenly a guy appears from behind a door getting the jump on Joel and he gets on top of him and starts choking him. We then see Ellie getting out of her hideout and slowly approach the attacker and she shoots him in the back. After this Joel tells Ellie to go back to her hideout as Joel finishes the job.

Afterwards they begin looking for a hideout. On the other side of the city we see the leader of the resistance, Kathleeen who is interrogating a doctor in order to find out where a person called Henry is, however the doctor won´t tell her. Then she gets called out outside and we see the bodies that Joel left behind and we also see a bunch of people from the resistance that are very well armed. Kathleen then tells the people that however killed their men must be working with Henry and orders everybody to go door to door so that they can find him.

It is night time and Joel and Ellie are sneaking into a skyscraper to spend the night so that in the morning Joel can scour the city and look for a way out. When they are going to go to sleep Ellie asks Joel if he is hearing impaired on his right ear and Joel explains that it is because of all the shooting and that is why he always sleeps on that side. In the middle of the night they suddenly get woken up by two guys and if we really pay attention we can see that Joel wasn´t able to hear them because when he was sleeping he turned the other way around and was sleeping with his right side facing the ceiling.

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