Ranking – The characters from Rings of Power

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Rings of Power is the Amazon´s Prime´s newest blockbuster series. It is a prequel to one of if not the best trylogy of all time; Lord of the Rings. It tells us the story of how Sauron´s ring. One of the new things that we will see is the Dwarve´s kingdom in its maximum splendor.

Here are the main characters from the first episodes.

On the forefront of the first episode is Galadriel. She also appeared in the trylogy, however since this is centuries before she is not the fierce warrior that we know. Here she seeks the evil who took her brother’s life.

Another very important character is Míriel. The queen of the ancient island kingdom of Númenor which is the first time we see it depicted on the screen. This is a land ruled over by powerful half human half elve from which many of the great men from the Lord of the Rings originate such as Aragorn, Faramir…

Next up is Nori Brandyfoot whom you may have thought is a hobbit, however hobbits didn´t exist in this time therefore she is one of the predecessors known as harfoot. She is kind of like the Baggins in the sense that the harfeet aren´t very adventorous, however she is. The same way Bilbo and Frodo were in comparison to other hobbits.

One of the most important dwarves from this series is Durin IV with which we meet Moria, the dwarve kingdom which was in ruins during The Lord of the Rings. Nevertheless during this series this kingdom is thriving.

Going to the opposite side, on the most legenderay elves is Arondir. On this series we will have our share of elves that come from legendary families however this isn´t one of those cases. He is stationed in the Southlands, Arondir helps keep watch over the humans who live there — humans who, centuries ago, aligned themselves with the evil Sauron.


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