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The best series of 2022

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1. IRMA VEP. A24, Little Lamb and The Reasonable Bunch for HBO Max. 8 episodes of one hour duration

2. SEVERANCE. Endeavor Content and Red Hour for Apple TV+. 9 episodes of 45 minutes.

3. WALK. Disney+. 12 episodes as 12 suns of 45 minutes.

4. THE BEAR. FX and Superfrog for Disney+. 8 episodes of 30 minutes

5. THE REHEARSAL. A Rise Management production for HBO. 6 episodes of 30 minutes.

6. HOUSE OF THE DRAGON. HBO. 10 one hour episodes.

7. ESTERNO NOTTE. Rai Fiction and ARTE Cinema produce, Filmin premieres in Spain. 6 episodes of 1 hour.

8. WE OWN THIS CITY. HBO. Miniseries of 6 episodes of 1 hour.

9. THE PEACEMAKER. Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment for HBO Max. 8 episodes of 40 minutes.

10. SELF DEFENSE. Filmin. 10 episodes of approximately 20 minutes

11. THE MIDNIGHT CLUB. Netflix. 10 one hour episodes.

12. BLACK BIRD. Apple TV+ miniseries. 6 episodes of 1 hour.

13.THE LAST MOVIE STARS. Miniseries from Nook House and Under the influence Productions for HBO Max. 6 one hour episodes.

14. MIKE JUDGE’S BEAVIS & BUTT-HEAD. MTV series distributed by Paramount +. Twelve double episodes of 20 minutes.

15. SLOW HORSES. A See Saw Films and Pretty Pictures production for Apple TV+. 6 episodes of 40 minutes.

16. REEL BRITANNIA. Miniseries produced by the BFI, the BRITISH FILM INSTITUTE, broadcast in Spain on Movistar +

17. GUILLERMO DEL TORO’S CABINET OF CURIOSITIES. Netflix. 8 episodes of 1 hour.

18. THIS IS GOING TO HURT. BBC series in collaboration with AMC+ that has been broadcast in Spain on Movistar+.

19. LEGACY: THE TRUE STORY OF THE LA LAKERS. Los Angeles Media Fund documentary miniseries distributed by Star+ and Disney+. 10 episodes of 1 hour.

20. 1899. Netflix series. 8 episodes of 50 minutes

21. BY MANDATE OF HEAVEN (UNDER THE BANNER OF HEAVEN). FX miniseries for Disney+. 7 episodes of 1 hour.

22. STATION ELEVEN (STATION ELEVEN). A Paramount TV production for HBO Max. 10 episodes of 50 minutes.

23. WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT COSBY. Showtime documentary miniseries broadcast on Movistar +. 4 chapters of 1 hour

24. BLACKOUT. Movistar + miniseries. 5 episodes of 45 minutes.

25. THE ENGLISH. Amazon Studios and BBC Studios miniseries. 6 episodes of 1 hour.


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