The best Lucifer characters

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“Lucifer” is a Netflix show that first aired in 2016. It has 6 seasons and it ended in 2021. Here we are going to review the five best characters from the whole show.

Lucifer. Played by Tom Ellis

On first place is obviously, the protagonist of the show, Lucifer. Played by Tom Ellis, this Lucifer isn’t anything like the one in the Bible or comics. He is sarcastic, funny, cocky, with no empathy and doesn’t really care about anything. He came to Earth as he was tired of ruling Hell and decided to be a club owner and after the first episode, an LAPD consultant. Throughout the whole series we see the evolution of his character, from a cocky guy that was always resentful of his father to a caring character who is capable of love for both Chloe and the people he works with.  His arrogance is his biggest flaw, which only makes him more human than anything.

Chloe is the second best character

Chloe is the second best character from the whole show. We see her from the very beginning as “The Detective” who makes the devil from hell vulnerable, Chloe is one of the main characters of the show. She is not only brilliant at her job, but she is also quite good at being a friend and a parent. For a woman who is very strong mentally, Chloe seems to fumble her mark when it comes to Lucifer. Although she acts like she doesn’t need Lucifer by her side, deep down, Chloe knows that she simply cannot do without him.

Lucifer’s brother Amenadiel

On third place is Lucifer’s brother Amenadiel. To me he is a very interesting father because up until the fourth season i think he represents Christianity, because although he hasn’t seen or talked to God in a really long time, he is still believes that everything is part of His plan and that he is sending missions to his sons. Although after the fourth season he realizes that angels and humans act by themselves he can finally be free and we also see him turn into a father and then into the Almighty God. He goes from an angel that only wanted to drag Lucifer back to Hell and who thought that humans were simple animals to seeing exactly what the devil saw in human beings. They are not only interesting creatures made by his dad, but they also have lots of different feelings, which, seemingly, grow on him.

On fourth place is Mazikeen

On fourth place is Lucifer’s demon who followed him through the gates of Hell and into Earth; Mazikeen. She also has an evolution similar to the one Amenadiel has. As at first she doesn’t really care about humans and doesn´t have feelings. However through personal relations she starts to like living on Earth with the people whom she loves. We also see the evolution within herself as she wants to have a soul but when she comes in front of God she tells her that she is perfect just the way she is and she has to start accepting herself.

On fifth place is Goddess/Charlotte

Finally, on fifth place is Goddess/Charlotte. I really like this character even though she is only in three seasons because we get two characters for the price of one. First, Goddess or Lucifer’s mother who takes Charlotte’s body and all she wants is to get her whole family together again, however all she did was drive Lucifer further away as she wanted kill Chloe in order to make Lucifer leave Earth. Afterwards we get Charlotte’s character who is a big time lawyer and we see her dealing with the ramifications  of Goddess’s decisions and then she tries to become a better person as she wants to get into Heaven which she manages to do in the end of season 4 when Marcus tragically kills her.




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