Suzhal: The Vortex web series

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Shuzal: The Vortex is an indian crime thriller directed by the filmmaking couple Pushkar–Gayathri and produced by Wallwatcher Films. It is available on Amazon Prime in Tamil. The series first season released on the 17th of June and has 8 episodes with an average runtime of betweeen 40 and 50 minutes.

The story is set in the Mayana Kollai festival which takes place during 10 days each year on the town of Sambaloor set in Nilgiris District. During this 10 days we follow the story of Shanmugam played by R. Parthiban who is a detective that must investigate the case of a missing person which episode after episode we see that it begins to change the whole town.

The show was very well received by the fans, having an 8,2 out of ten rating on IMDb and all the episodes have a very upwards trend in terms of rating, having its lowest be a 7,5 and its highest an 8,4.

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