Set Money Earning your Goal

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In my previous article ‘The Money Series – Money for Everyone‘, I discussed about the need of money earning and the fundamental question which we usually ask ourselves regarding the amount of wealth, sources of wealth, significance of being more wealthy, etc.

Today I will be emphasizing on Nature of Wealth specifically related to Wealth of Money.

Dear reader you must be aware many times our wrong belief about being too much wealthy or belief that many religion contains like money is bad, or most money is made by the corrupt people doing some wrong deed is totally wrong.

Everyone need to earn hell of money. Money is neither bad nor good. It is usually the use of money on wrong sources that bring messary to life and disturb our peace of heart.

Utilization of money is separate topic which will be discussed later.

First, learning  and accepting is that ‘Money is Great’ and you should ‘Love Money’. 

The more your learning capacities, the more is your earning capacities. Capacities to earn more is directly linked with individuals capacity to learn. Learn from avialable literature or learn it from human or learn it from life experiences. 

Building capacities is not for everyone. Nor everyone deserve to be rich. Richness is a blessing as poverty is a curse.

Everyone wants to earn more, but no one bothers to learn it properly.

First of all we need to accept the goodness and the wellbeing that the money can bring to our lives. Money by itself is never the solution but it is mean towards our problem solution.

If you wanna marry and live happily then that need money. If you wanna have kids and enroll them in prestigious institutions of the world then that need money. If you get or anyone in your beloved get serious illness then that need money. 

If you wanna contribute towards the society then that need money. Everywhere, wherever you want to invest or donate or utilize, you will always always need money.

If money is the need and is a source or step towards the solution then why not make it our goal of life?

Disbelieve that money is bad. It is not bad if everyone needs it for providing the solution.

Once someone asked a popular celebrity that ‘Popularity by itself is a curse’. But you know what he replied? He said, Yes. It maybe a curse, but due to this popularity I am sitting in front of you and you have traveled hundreds of miles from your home just to see a glimpse of me and to listen to me. If I were not popular that how could you know that whatever I have matters to you?

Hence, it has been reasonable proved that human need cannot be a bad thing to achieve and certainly by legal means.

They only thing that create a hurdle between you getting rich is your belief about it and your myths about it.

You are equally capable to earn more and get rich as the millionaires and billionaires of the world. They are not special, neither you are a mediocre. Difference is just to take few more steps ahead. 

Money is unlike humans, neither it can see where it is going nor it can judge to whom it should go? Money has no ears to listen from, nor eyes to see through. Money is nondiscriminatory entity. 

Therefore, if money is neutral to everybody then everyone in this world is equally eligible to get rich and yes there are certain rules of wealth that one must learn before bringing the nature into motion.

Money is a concept, but earning money is like a sports. You get fit by each passing day, the more earning you start, the more earning you get. Money attracts money, rule is simple and prevalent in your periphery.

Now that you have removed the barriers of belief lingering between you and your success, then you have to set the limit of your wealth that how much is too much?

Decide and define your wealth goals. 

How much is enough for your to get the work of life done. Everyone might set different levels. But whatever you set that should be realistic but still it should fantasize you.

Write your requirements, enlist each and every item of the world that you want to get and the status that you want to achieve. Write to the minute details. Do not sell yourself short, whatever you write will become destiny. It is like writing your own destiny by your own hands. Power of written is too much.

Setting target is essential. If you do not set the target then how can you achieve that?

Now that you have written your targets of wealth to achieve in 1 year to 5 years and at the end of life or maybe at the time of retirement. Such piece of writing should be kept privately and should only be shared with money mentors.

Keep it safe clandestinely and surreptitiously.

Better sleep on it someday thinking and writing about the level you wanna achieve. This personal note will be used as a measure towards our achievements and will be helpful in gauging our success.

Having said that it seems enough for today. 

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About the Author

This article is written by Shad Muhammad.

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