Money heist season 1 best episodes

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The first season of Money heist is regarded by many as the best season of the whole series, so here are some of the best episodes of season 1.

On first place, we have the fourth episode. In this episode Arturo Román needed surgery so the robbers let a group of surgeons inside, and they try to infiltrate a detective into the place as a nurse. However this was always the Professor´s plan as he predicted that the police would make their way inside. Because of this he already had a plan in place, to plant a bug in the glasses of the detectives. So while the police force think that they are winning, because at the same time the surgery is happening another group of soldiers is making their way through the vents. But when the surgery is done the detective realizes that everybody inside the Royal mint has changed their masks so he must rush to the tent to tell the soldiers not to engage.

After this episode we also have the eight episode. In this episode a group of hostages manage to bomb their way out of the Royal Mint. This was thanks to Arturo´s plan. They managed to escape thanks to some explosives that were near where the group of hostages where working. Just before they escaped, they killed Oslo by hitting him in the back of the head with a metal bar. After they blow up the entrance, they manage to escape and at the same the police try to make their way in while the robbers try to stop them and barricade the door. They barely manage to do and just before the police make their last push, Tokyo grabs the machine gun and starts blasting at them nd they have no choice but to retreat.

Finally, the final episode of this season. This episode has the best rating in IMDb with an 8.5. After the events of last episode, tensions are very high all over the Royal Mint. On one hand, Angel had a very bad accident just as he was telling Raquel about the Professor´s identity and on the other hand insisde the Royal Mint they are very worried about Oslo because he is in a vegetative state. Also because of the escapees, the Professor also had a plan for this, which is to offer the rest of the prisioners either money or freedom, and to the ones that would choose freedom to lock them downstairs as they are the one´s with the highest chance of trying to rebel. In this episode the Professor also knows about Angel´s messages, so he goes to Raquel´s house with the idea of killing her mother, as she is the one who received Angel´s message but she doesn´t remember. Just as he is about to kill her with poison, Raquel comes home so he is unable to do so. While they talk, Raquel realizes where the robbers house where they planned the whole heist must be, so the season ends with the Professor driving Raquel to the exact house where the whole gang was just days before.

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