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Money Heist Quotes

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Money Heist has been one of those series that has such eccentric characters that almost every phrase that they articulate can be used as a quote. Some of the best and more memorable ones are:

-I’m a lucky man… never forget that. This phrase is said by the Professor multiple times throughout the series, which reminds us that even the Professor who is a genius needs the help of luck in order to pull off something like this.

-Like in chess, there are times when in order to win it is necessary to sacrifice a piece. This phrase was said by Tokyo during the first heist to remind us that sometimes to push forward we must take a few steps back, or in this case sacrifice something.

-Today I think I want to die with dignity. The last phrase we hear from Berlin during the present as in the later seasons we see his past self. A great quote from a very polarizing character who was loved and hated by many but made the ultimate sacrifice so the rest of the group could make it to safety.

-The matriarchy begins. This prhase was said by Nairobi after she took over the band from Berlin.



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