Money Heist: Korea

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Money Heist: Korea is a south korean version of the spanish TV series hit Money Heist. The story is more or less the same as the spanish version, with a very smart figure that goes by the professor who recruits a group of genius strategists and thieves with different personalities and abilities. It was directed by Kim Hong-seon and stars Yoo Ji-tae who plays The Professor,  Park Hae-soo who plays Berlin, Jeon Jong-seo who plays Tokyo and Lee Won-jong who plays Moscow.

It first aired on Netflix on the 24th of June of 2022. The series is comprised of 12 episodes and has a FilmAffinity rating of 4.8 and an IMDb rating of 5,4. However the lowesrt rated episode is the last one with a 5.8.

Both versions of the show hold some differences such as; in this version the Professor and the Inspector know each other since before the robbery, as the Professor has already been getting insight on her. Another difference is that the famous Dalí masks from the spanish version are gone, as in this version the mask is inspired by Yangban, one of the twelve characters representing the traditional Korean dance known as Hahoe.

On the other hand there are quite a few similarities, for instance Denver´s character is practically the same in both series, as he has the same characteristic laugh and they both fall in love with one of the hostages after they shoot her in the leg per Berlin´s orders. Another similarity is the beginning of the show and having Tokyo as the narrator and when her life seems to be going nowhere the Professor appears.

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