Money and Happiness – And their Relationship

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Perception that money itself is the source of happiness is commonly prevalent and it forthrightly wrong. Money is the resource to buy more resources. Money can buy you the items, the gadgets, the utilities, the services, and the status. Last one is controversial still.


There are many things that have the potential to make your life miserable like death of a friend, breakup of relationship, uncontrolled children, getting sick, miserable relationship. Among them money is the one too. But what people perceive is different then what I am stating.




Because they are unconsciously finding a cause and effect relationship between Money and Happiness.


You need to remember the following points:

  1. Too less money can make your life miserable
  2. Too much money can make your life miserable
  3. Too much stuff can make your life miserable
  4. And not having enough can make your life miserable


In the Introduction of the Money Series, I stated that money and happiness are different things. There is no linkage between them. Money cannot buy happiness!


One can be poor and happy. One can be rich and happy. One can be an average earning individual and be happy. Happiness has nothing to do with the amount of money that you have or the amount of wealth one have.


There are various misconception regarding money like it cannot make your life happier, it cannot bring back to you your youth, it cannot bring the dead back, it cannot make you sexier, interesting, younger, neither it can make you experienced. Accept my apologies but money does not do those things. Moreover, it can neither improve your social status.


You would have seen a lot of example of individuals who got rich enough and are having a miserable relationship. Owning a big house cannot purchase you a home of peace.


Please do not expect too much what money can achieve. Money does not achieve something, it only helps in buying things and only things. Money itself is an achievement. As you earned money, hence, similarly you need to earn happiness.


Money will disappoint you at the end. During the process of earning one may feel astonished or feel energized for being near to happiness as per his mind set. But when one meets the end and look back, he has lost a lot of friends, family, relationships, character, etc. Mostly we are involved in the process of earning which does not matter.


What matters is what will you gain at the end? Will that be worth it?


Yes, money can buy you a lot of disappointment and unhappiness, that is for sure.


What is happiness and satisfaction? That will be discussed in upcoming articles.


That is enough for today. Have a Great Day.

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