Lucifer season 1 best episodes

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One of the best episodes from this season is the pilot, the first scene with Lucifer speeding with his car and then bribing a police officer sets up perfectly his character and how he is going to be especially during the first seasons. We also get introduced minutes later to the detective, Chloe. She is the other pilar of the show and almost as important as Lucifer himself. During the episode they both solve a murder case of a famous singer which sets up the whole series. We also get introduced to other side characters such as Maze, who is a demos that followed Lucifer through the gates of Hell and is now a bartender, Dan who is Chloe´s ex husband and also a detective. The other two characters we get to see is Amenadiel who is Lucifer´s brother and is God´s most righteous angel and is demanding that Lucifer returns back to Hell and Dr. Linda who is a therapist of the deceased and becomes Lucifer therapist.

Another very good episode is the ninth of this season. In this one a priest seeks out the help of the LAPD because he suspects that an underground drug operation is going on at his church. Because he is a priest Lucifer kind of resents him in the beginning but throughout the episode we see their relationship develop until they are friends while they investigate the church and discover that the priest´s favourite student is one of the drug dealers and kills him. Because of this Lucifer is even madder at his dead since he is clueless of his game.

Finally, the best episode of this season is the finale. This episode has a 9 on IMDb and for good reason. In this episode Lucifer gets framed for murder by a guy who has revived by Amenadiel since he pulled him out of Hell. He did so because he wants Lucifer back in Hell and in order to achieve this he must make Lucifer hate Earth. The guy that was revived by him is not intimidated by Lucifer´s stare since he has been in Hell already. While Lucifer is framed for the murder, Chloe was also investigating this same guy since he was involved in a shady deal that put him in a coma. She goes to his house but he has already left and is about to leave town but Chloe figures out where he is and Lucifer and Amenadiel go after him. Although he manages to get away, Amenadiel is injured. Back with Chloe, she gets a call by this guy that has kidnapped her daughter and she must bring him the money in order to see her again. As she goes, Lucifer goes with her and while Chloe is with her daughter, Lucifer talks with the guy but gets shot, and since Chloe is nearby he dies and goes back to Hell. However, while he is down there, he is that a door has been opened and suddenly, he wakes back up again. After this he goes after the guy and just as he has him Chloe shoots him. The episode ends with Lucifer revealing that the one that escaped from Hell is actually his mother; Goddess.

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