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Truth or Tamanna (TV Series) – Intro

‘Truth or Tamanna?’ follows the romantic tale of documentary filmmaker Dhruv (Priyanshu Jora) and Tamanna (Vrishika Mehta), a dancer. All is well until one day Tamanna abruptly vanishes. The entire story spins around Dhruv who explores the matter and looks for answers. Notwithstanding, as the story advances, Dhruv understands that he knows next to no about her and there is a whole other world to him than any individual who meets him.   Directed by Pushkar Mahaball, this 13 episode series depends on the drama. It starts with looks at feeling among Dhruv and Tamanna, however, the plot quickly moves from a romantic tale to an interesting thrill ride. As the story starts, Tamanna vanishes and everybody gets a message that claims; she is getting married and moving to London. Dhruv finds this dubious and starts looking for reality. He furtively goes to Tamanna’s working environment, Kaizad Dance Academy, to collect information about her life. Dhruv, with the assistance of his friend Jackie (Mansi Rach), falls into a trap of trickery and wrongdoing.   The writers, Manoj Tripathi and Neeraj Vikram have formulated a complex story that leaves the crowd worried about Tamanna’s whereabouts and why she is not here? Furthermore, the story has a ton of exciting twists and turns that make each character fishy. The show gets going sluggish however rapidly get on and keeps you hooked, particularly in the last couple of episodes. Having said that, Debashish Das’ editing keeps up with the validity of the plot, however, there was adequate space to cut this series.   Since the story spins around dance, the movement of Sneha Kapoor (a prepared salsa artist who is likewise known for arranging a few dance unscripted television shows) merits remarkable consideration. The moves are nice, particularly the moves acted in the last episode which can give the crowd the feeling that they are watching the climax of a big film. These performances are enhanced by music by Meghdeep Bose, who has created music for a few well-known Hindi movies and web shows, for example, ‘Saina’, ‘Four More Shots Please Season 2’ and others.   Notwithstanding the way that Vrushika Mehta plays the lead role and the series is named after her person Tamanna, she is scarcely noticeable. She is kidnapped, yet more scenes with her chemistry with Dhruv and relationship with other Academy artists would have given Tamanna’s person a bend.  Vrushika is a prepared artist, all things considered, yet her ability is underutilized all through the series. She is seen just shaking her legs in the main episode with the blaze horde. Then again, Priyanshu Jora is right on the money as the lead and conveys the whole show on his shoulders. He assumes the job of the restless sweetheart Dhruv, and causes you to identify with him. Manasi Rach’s depiction of Dhruv’s companion, Jackie, who is helping Tamanna in her errand of finding the reality of the situation, is encouraging.   Kushal Punjabi as Kaizad Poonawalla, the arrogant and savage head of the dance institute, is great. He had his impact on T. He has a lot of privileged insights, incorporating his set of experiences with Tamanna. Tamanna’s brother Randhir has an intricate personality played by Sachin Verma.  From the outset, he cherishes his captured sister, nonetheless, there is a dark side to his soul. The solid presentation of the gathering cast adds to the general impression of the series.   ‘Truth or Tamanna?’ each episode goes on for around 25 minutes and covers different parts of envy, war, the corrupted side of media outlets, media legislative issues, drug hawking, truth versus lies viewpoint. All things considered, if you appreciate whodunit thrill rides, it turns into an absolute must-watch as each character has their own grievance, which makes it hard to sort out who among them is the villain.

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